Closed Bipolar Electrode Based Electrochromic Detector for Detection of Multiple Metabolites

Tech ID: 17-066

Inventors: Dr. Paul Bohn, Wei Xu, Kaiyu Fu

Date added: October 20, 2020


A bipolar electrode for quantification of analyte concentration for disease diagnosis.

Technology Summary

The ability to quantify biologically relevant analytes is important to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.  Currently, analytes are detected in a number of different assays that require skilled technicians, expensive lab equipment, and are not always able to quantify multiple analytes at once. However, the presence of more than one metabolite is often an indicator of disease prevalence, but it is both inefficient and costly to test for each one separately. A cheap, easy-to-use, and robust multiplex sensing device would be desirable and would enable more efficient disease diagnosis in the healthcare field. 

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Researchers at the University of Notre Dame have recently developed a method and device for the rapid detection and identification of biologically relevant analytes for disease diagnosis. The technology operates via a chemical assay in one cell connected through a redox reaction to a reporting cell which can be interpreted and quantified through automated color intensity measurements. By using bipolar electrode as the bridge of electron transfer, the color change in the reporter cell increases as the concentration of analyte in the analytical cell increases. The Closed Bipolar Electrode Based Electrochromic Detector for Detection of Multiple Metabolites developed at Notre Dame is a better alternative than current analyte quantification methods because it can simultaneously detect multiple analytes with different concentrations with high selectivity and sensitivity in a portable device. 

Market Advantages

•    Portable multiplex biosensor
•    High selectivity and sensitivity for analytes of unknown concentration

Market Opportunity

•    > $1B Disease Diagnosis Market


Electrochromic Sensor for Multiplex Detection of Metabolites Enabled by Closed Bipolar Electrode Coupling.
doi: 10.1021/acssensors.7b00292

Intellectual Property

Patent Pending

Technology Readiness Status

TRL 3 – Experimental Proof of Concept


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