Carrier Aggregation for Phased-Array Analog Beamforming with Beam Squint

Tech ID: 18-010

Inventor: Dr. Mingming Cai

Date Added: August 12, 2019


A series of algorithms that optimizes carrier aggregation mitigating mmWaves with beam squint for future 5G mobile communication.

Technology Summary 

The mobile communication industry is working to rapidly develop and deploy the next generation of cellular communication (5G). 5G networks will require the use of millimeter-wave (mmWave) bands which will likely employ analog beamforming with phased array technique. While promising, the computational work and estimations performed thus far do not compensate for a  phenomenon called beam squint, which leads to a decreased channel capacity and will likely be extraordinarily problematic with the launch of 5G networks.

Dr. Mingming Cai has developed a system of algorithms to optimize existing systems for future use in 5G networks revolving around mmWaves. This novel approach mitigates beam squint by reconfiguring band separation, angle of arrival, and signal to noise ratio. This reconfiguration process results in the maximization of channel capacity and increased data rates. The technology uses existing hardware and can be adapted for a variety of antennas. The technology compensates for beam squint in three different aspects. The first determines whether aggregation of bands has occurred. The second aspect involves compensating for the capacity lost to beam squint through a newly developed beamforming codebook. Lastly, the technology enables the beamforming codebook to be decoupled from the transmitter, receiver, transmission, power and path gain in order to constraint array gain. 

Market Advantages 

  • Augments 5G development
  • Can be implemented with existing hardware
  • Maximizes channel capacity and increases data rates

Technology Readiness Status

TRL 2 - Technology Concept

Intellectual Property

US 16/209,254
(Mitigating Beam Squint In Millimeter Wave Wireless Communication Systems)


Cai, Mingming. (2018). Modeling and Mitigating Beam Squint in Millimeter Wave Wireless Communication. 


Richard Cox