Zachary Baker, ESTEEM '22 | Rides2U (B2C Physical Products)

Zachr2r 2

Describe your company: Rides2U is a professional car service with the convenience of Uber at a competitive price. We would love to have you along for the ride! 

Target Industry: Car Service / Transportation  

What is your role in the company, and please list team members' names and their current role in the company:  I am the COO, Chad Mastagh - Founder and  Soraya Hernandez - CEO

Why did you apply to Race To Revenue? Race To Revenue is a fantastic way for entrepreneurs to hone their skills. I'm honored to be among the '22 cohort.

Has there been someone who has helped you with your venture so far?  My team has been awesome, as well as the folks at the IDEA Center. 

What do you want to learn more about, relating to business development in general or your own company/venture specifically?  I want to learn more about Startup Year 2, including growth, product development, scaling, and fundraising at the experiential level.