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The IDEA Center Fellows program offers students the ability to use the resources at the IDEA Center to enhance their entrepreneurial education and experience, with a cohort of diverse students. Fellows will participate in a four year guided program that allows prime access to benefits provided by the IDEA Center, including networking opportunities, access to top internship positions and a breadth of entrepreneurial experience. The IDEA Center and Notre Dame Admissions will work in tandem to identify these Fellows prior to acceptance to Notre Dame with the understanding of commitment to the four year guidelines.

Who: Incoming freshmen, accepted into a four-year fellowship program. These prospective students would exhibit the following traits:

  • Innovative, confident, curious
  • Motivating, persuasive, sincere, articulate
  • Dependable, versatile, spirited
  • Committed, detail-oriented, open-minded
  • Highly inner-directed, self-starting

Why: The IDEA Center Fellows program is designed to educate students in venture creation and launch. It is also intended to provide students with hands-on experience and exposure to various industries, throughout their four years at Notre Dame. Fellows will gain prime access to internship opportunities each year, and be provided with training opportunities that will reinforce their entrepreneurial traits and enhance their marketability to employers. Fellows will also become ambassadors for the IDEA Center and its programming, helping to build a culture of innovation and learning at Notre Dame. IDEA Center Fellows will be matched with student mentors from the ESTEEM program. 

What are current Fellows saying about the Program?

"I have a paid internship as a Startup Coach, helping teams with their ideas. I was also given the opportunity to teach a class about lean entrepreneurship." Nikita Elkin ND '24

"Although I don't current have a great business idea, the IDEA Center Fellows program has helped me open my mind and has given me the tools I will need to develop an idea in the future." Isabela Rascon ND '24

IDEA Center Fellows Interest Form is here.

Please direct any questions to  Patti Reinhardt, Director of Student Engagement, Competitions and Events at the IDEA Center