Four Year Plan

                      This is the path, but it does not have to be followed the exact same way. Whether you want to launch your own startup or

                                                 just gain marketable skills and Experience, every student entrepreneur moves at their own pace.

Year 1: Students will explore and discover the world of entrepreneurship through the opportunities and resources available through the IDEA Center. They will also begin to engage in training, workshops, and competitions. Students should also consider declaring a Minor in Entrepreneurship. 

Year 2: Students will begin to focus on their own startups or areas of interest. They will continue to get hands-on Training and networking experience. 

Year 3: Students focus will be on learning the process of De-risking, finding initial customers and realizing their revenue, either through their own start-ups or a more general lens. Interested students will have the opportunity to join the year long VC track through IrishAngels. 

Year 4: Students will dive deeper into how start-ups are financed, gaining hands-on fundraising experience with their own start-ups or engaging with the Pit Road Fund. By the time of graduation students will have gained the skills to be more marketable and the network connections to find jobs or have launched their own start-up.

Opportunities for all Fellows

  • Access to Innovation Lab, Startup Coaches, Internships, Mentors & Curated Co-Founder Opportunities with Alumni
  • Take offered Training Modules and Workshops in Prototyping, Marketing/Sales and other General topics
  • Attend workshops and speaker sessions from experts in various industries
  • Present your Ideas and build your team at IDEA Center competitions and events, such as McCloskey
  • Preferred candidate for IDEA Center networking 
  • Possibilities for internships with existing startups, IDEA Center partners, and within your own startup
  • Exposure to career opportunities as founders, co-founders, intrapreneurship, angel investing and venture capital, social enterprise and entrepreneurship
  • Startup Coach and other IDEA Center Internships and work opportunities
  • Be apart of the Peer Mentor System 
  • VC Track available Junior Year with IrishAngels
                                  Founders Opportunities                                            Non-Founder Opportunities          
  • Front-of-line for opportunities for IDEA Center programs such as Pre-Accelerator, Accelerator, and Race to Revenue
  • Direct support to find student and mentor support
  • Introductions to potential investors
  • Support from other areas of the IDEA Center for commercialization and funding discussions and from other areas of the University for idea development support
  • Internship funding support
  • Preferential treatment for paid software bootcamps being offered through the IDEA Center (i.e. & Google Data Studios)
  • Prime candidates to join IDEA Center startups (student, alumni, and community)
  • Connections to larger startups that are 5+ years into their growth 
  • Introductions to venture capital firms and startup incubators
  • Internship search support
  • Opportunities to use skills gained from training/workshops to work with teams in multiple industries

Mandatory Requirements to Remain a Fellow

  1. Must attend monthly cohort meetings
  2. Must be in the McCloskey New Venture Competition Yearly-- as a founder or on a team 
  3. Peer Mentor Meetings- meet once a month 
  4. Must complete at least two offered training Modules or Workshops a semester during both Freshman and Sophomore year. ( minimum of 8 all together)
  5. Complete and submit August and April Interest.Internship Surveys