Race to Revenue

Race To Revenue Graphic

Race to Revenue is Notre Dame’s summer startup accelerator, where aspiring student entrepreneurs and founders have the opportunity to work full-time on their business ideas as a fully-funded internship.

  • 2019: 8 student Racers participated in an in-person program.
  • 2020: 18 student Racers participated in a virtual program.
  • 2021: 26 student Racers will participate in an in-person program.
  • 2022: 23 student Racers will participate in an in-person program.

With the goal of instilling a life-long love of entrepreneurship, the Race to Revenue program strives to help students realize what they are capable of accomplishing. Students are able to pursue their passion and build a venture, with the benefit of the IDEA Center’s resources. 

For further reading on past and current cohorts: