Race to Revenue '21: Three More Teams are Announced for Summer 2021

Author: Danielle Koterbay

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Race to Revenue, Notre Dame’s summer startup accelerator, is pleased to announce the acceptance of three more students into the program. These students will have the opportunity this summer to work full-time on their business ideas as a fully-funded internship.

Jude Ash | BrainDrive

Since early 2020, BrainDrive has gone from a lifelong vision, mission, and dream to a well-articulated, heavily researched, and market-validated pilot product and business plan. By mid-2021, BrainDrive will have launched their MVP, and their goal from R2R is to begin demonstrating their potential to investors by driving and optimizing key metrics such as CAGR, CAC, and CLV. By the end of 2021, Jude remarks, “We are hoping to receive seed funding to launch our first commercial product to the millions who need comprehensive, science-backed, tech-powered, and cost-effective mental and emotional health.”

Jude mentions, “The IDEA Center's commitment to the success of student-led startups is inspiring and I’m so very grateful. Everyone at the IDEA Center has been so incredibly generous with their time, knowledge, and wisdom. First, the IDEA Center helped match me with 6 team members who today represent the heart and soul of BrainDrive. And every step of the way, they helped us translate (and pivot) my original vision into an identifiable market need, a well-described solution, a compelling competitive advantage, and diligent market research.” In addition to Race to Revenue, BrainDrive is participating in the IDEA Center’s commercialization engine and the McCloskey New Venture Competition

Loqman Adnane | Taqa Tech

Taqa Tech has been working diligently to develop and refine a prototype for the Offshore Electrolyzer. Loqman’s team is focused on successfully demonstrating Taqa Tech’s capability of mass producing hydrogen gas which will bring them one step closer to solving the climate crisis. Additionally, Loqman hopes to forge lifelong relationships with his peers that will inspire him and mentors that will guide him on his tremendous journey ahead.

Loqman remarks how the IDEA Center is an invaluable resource for his team. Through participation in multiple competitions and judges' feedback, Taqa Tech has significantly improved their ability to articulate their venture idea to interested parties. Loqman remarks, “Something I'm really excited for is the IDEA Center's Innovation Lab. I am confident it will serve as the birthplace of Taqa Tech's first prototype as well as many more transformative ideas from aspiring entrepreneurs.”

David Thompson | Doggi

Doggi is attempting to revolutionize the way that people take care of their animals. Through multiple tracking technologies all brought together by a custom-built software application, we believe we can provide a solution to the various needs of pet-owners and their pets.”

David is hoping for helpful coaching to take Doggi to the next level in a rapidly evolving technology sector. This is David’s second Race to Revenue experience. Since then, David notes, “We have developed a prototype that is prepared for beta testing, been approved to the IDEA Center's derisking phase, and completed a fair amount of user testing. The IDEA Center's resources are unmatched when it comes to kickstarting ventures.”

Editor's note: This article references information originally published in: Understanding Race to Revenue: ND's Summer Startup Accelerator // IDEA Center // University of Notre Dame