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Have you ever had a big idea?  Something you hope could change the world?  Or maybe you have found a problem that exists, but there’s currently no solution.  
The IDEA Center serves as a world class accelerator to help you take your idea from conceptualization to the launch of a new startup.  Our team of staff and venture coaches will come alongside you to provide access to resources, funding, and assistance in developing a path to success. 

Any idea is welcome, whether you have just scribbled an idea on a napkin or already have a launched startup that you are looking for assistance in scaling and raising additional investment!  Once you submit your idea, one of our Venture Coaches will meet with you to help you assess the current stage of your idea and what needs to be done to reach commercial viability.  Once commercial viability has been determined, students will have an incredible set of tools at their disposal...taking their idea from a concept to a reality.

Confidentiality is our utmost concern.  All IDEA Center employees have signed an NDA and the University claims no ownership over your intellectual property.  The IDEA Center exists to support you as a student of the University of Notre Dame.