Paid Internships

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Business/Technical Analyst:

Analysts working at the IDEA Center will:

  • Analyze multiple technologies in the fields of engineering and science
  • Determine market potential/opportunities
  • Identify unmet needs in industry
  • Discover and understand potential customers
  • Define, vet and test value propositions
  • Perform market research including market size, competition, trends & barriers to entry, and regulatory requirements
  • Work with market research databases
  • Conduct interviews with industry experts
  • Work with technology managers and communicate with scientists

We are looking for students who have experience communicating both orally and in writing in a professional environment. A background in business and/or science and engineering is preferred as it allows analysts to better understand, evaluate, and discuss candidate technologies. Additionally, strong research and critical thinking skills as well as the ability to process and disseminate information effectively are desired.

How to get involved: If you are interested in applying for the position of Marketing Analyst at the IDEA Center, please email Karen Slaggert.

Entrepreneurial Lead:

The Entrepreneurial Lead with work with the Lean Cohort program at the University of Notre Dame's IDEA Center. This is the first stage in taking an idea through the commercialization process. For those interested in creating an impact with their inventions by building a viable business, the Lean Cohort program is a great resource.

The Lean Cohort is a seven-week program that begins during the first week of each month. There are 8 required meetings - two kickoff days and then one meeting per week for the remaining 6 weeks of the program. Each weekly meeting lasts about 3 hours. Teams consist of the inventor, an entrepreneurial lead, and a business mentor. Up to 3 technologies per cohort are accepted. The program is based on work by Alex Osterwalder and Steve Blank that is used by both NSF and NIH in the I-Corp programs, and does have NSF Lineage.

Entrepreneurial Leads working at the IDEA Center will:

  • Be a graduate student that possesses relevant technical knowledge and a desire to investigate the commercial landscape surrounding specific innovations
  • Be able to collect data through interviews and supplemental data materials collected via other sources
  • Be capable of disseminating this information to the instructor, TA, and other participants each week in the form of a presentation
  • Have an opportunity to support the transition of the technology, should the project demonstrate a level of readiness appropriate to the leave the academic institution

How to get involved: If you are interested in applying for the position of Entrepreneurial Lead at the IDEA Center, please email Karen Slaggert.

Venture Coach

The Venture Coach (VC) is instrumental in overseeing the progression of Student Inventions within the Commercialization Engine at the IDEA Center. The VC will initiate and facilitate a robust and rigorous process that will discover the market value of the invention. Once the market is validated, the VC will mentor the inventor in further market research and product development. Some responsibilities include:

  • Supporting the development of student inventions by recognizing needs and resources
  • Develop strategies to commercialize student ventures
  • Develop methods of understanding and navigating market roadblocks in order to validate and penetrate the target market
  • Provide resources for invention development, i.e. workshops, events, fund pitching, competitions
  • Manage the scheduling and implementation of pitches, analysis teams, and analysis decks 
  • Receive and monitor the progress of student inventions, scheduling meetings as needed to promote the development of the idea
  • Provide weekly reports to the commercialization leadership staff on actionables being undertaken and communicate what resources might be needed

The VC will execute procedures that can be used as both an educational tool and a standardized method for the evaluation and launching of student startups at the University of Notre Dame.

How to get involved: If you are interested in applying for the position of Venture Coach at the IDEA Center, please email Karen Slaggert.

Internship Opportunities with Innovation Park Clients

Would you like to gain experience working in a startup venue? Innovation Park at Notre Dame is home to several startups and companies that appreciate the entrepreneurial spirit and innovative environment that is fueled by the IDEA Center at Innovation Park. One of the many reasons companies locate at Innovation Park is to tap into the resources that the University of Notre Dame offers and students tap into the resources at Innovation Park in order to gain hands on experience working with startups and companies of their interest.

Your next opportunity to gain meaningful startup and entrepreneurial experience may be just around the corner. Internships with Innovation Park at Notre Dame startups and companies are not guaranteed by Student Entrepreneurship Engagement, we only serve as a connector. 

For more information, please email Karen Slaggert.

Business Development Manager:

Did you recently graduate from Notre Dame or are you about to? Then this position might be for you. The Business Development Manager is responsible for shepherding multiple early-stage technologies from post-ideation to the market as new startups. As part of this, they are to implement the IDEA Center’s startup roadmap and prioritize commercialization milestones. These milestones may include: recruiting professional management and board members, securing initial investment, and directing product development.  

Business Development Managers may also be expected to step aside if one of the startups they are managing requires more experienced professional management.

It is also important to note that not all of the Business Development Manager’s startups  are expected to achieve full commercial viability. As such,the entrepreneur may experience both successes and failures.

This position is compensated and may include equity in the startups.

Business Development Managers likely possess the following qualities:

  • Comfortable pitching nascent technologies to industry executives
  • Familiarity with grant and venture capital funding sources
  • Understanding of commercialization and customer discovery strategies
  • Willingness to pivot and adapt to market expectations
  • Post-doctoral or graduate degrees preferred
  • Technical industry and startup experience preferred

How to get involved: If you are interested in applying for a position as a business development manager at the IDEA Center, please email John Henry.