Commercialize Your Invention

The Student Commercialization Program
The Student Commercialization program offers a milestone-based process to help student teams learn to develop and de-risk technologies, with access to mentorship, funding and networking resources as needed.
Whether you have your own idea to launch a company, or want to gain experience working at an early stage startup, our Student Commercialization Program can help serve you.

Startup Funding
Students advancing through the Student Commercialization Program are able to pitch monthly for grant funding of up to $2,500 to help students take risks and launch new ideas.  Student ventures may also have access to external capital networks such as the IDEA Center Engine Fund, Elevate Ventures and others.

Mentorship and Support
By tapping into the expertise of our Venture Coaches and the superb IDEA Center Leadership Team, as well as our outstanding alumni network, we can connect you to the industry experts, mentors and advisors you need to succeed.  Events sponsored by the IDEA Center help to bring outstanding experts to campus each year and are attended by members of the alumni community.  Feedback, networking assistance and mentoring opportunities abound.

Innovation Park at Notre Dame
Home to the IDEA Center, Innovation Park at Notre Dame is a 95,000-square foot technology and entrepreneurship facility at the University of Notre Dame. It serves as a site of nucleation where productive collisions between individuals such as entrepreneurs and inventors, students and investors, and subject matter experts and University staff routinely take place.

Maker Space
An amazing Maker Space will soon be available for students at the IDEA Center, and will offer a comprehensive set of hand tools, 3D printers and more, much with which to build a basic tangible prototype.