Rory Finn, '22 | SANDO (Retail/Home/Outdoor Goods)

Rory Finn, SANDO

Describe your company:  SANDO, which stands for Such a Nice Day Out, is creating luxury picnic blankets with a waterproof underside for young urban professionals and students.

Target Industry: Retail/Home/Outdoor Goods

What is your role in the company, and please list team members' names and their current role in the company: I am the founder. Erik Siegler- Business advisor; Tom Cranstoun- Graphic designer.

Why did you apply to Race To Revenue? What are you hoping to get out of this experience?  I'm looking forward to learning from the start-up experts that the program directors have brought in, and bonding with the other company founders in my cohort. Race to Revenue will provide the structure and accountability that I need to be successful this otherwise unstructured summer.

Has there been someone who has helped you with your venture so far?  My startup coach, Erik, from the Spring Pre-Accelerator, has been super helpful with the entire process. From tweaking and editing my five-minute pitch, to answering last-minute texts, to lobbying John for my participation in R2R, I would not be here without him. He really believed in me and my idea, which has helped me believe in myself!

What do you want to learn more about, relating to business development in general or your own company/venture specifically? Rather than focus on app or software development, I want to learn about how to take an idea for a consumer product and transform it into something tangible and physical. I would also like to learn how to connect with people in the manufacturing industry.

Entrepreneurial fun fact: When I was trying to sew my first blanket prototype, I thought the sewing machine in the Innovation Lab was broken for three hours. I was so, so frustrated because I couldn't get any stitches to stay down, so I almost left and gave up. Eventually I discovered that I was just doing something wrong, and it worked perfectly after that!

Favorite place to get tacos and what kind? Bartaco's Spiced Chicken Verde tacos are so delicious!