Olivia Anderson, '21 | Juke

Olivia Anderson Juke

Describe your company:
“We are developing an app for musicians to share during live performances (in smaller venues like bars, restaurants, and cafes) to enable them to connect with their audience in a more effective and streamlined way. The audience will be able to review the artist’s catalogue of songs and easily make requests. They will also be able to tip the artists more efficiently.”

Why did you apply to Race to Revenue, and what are you hoping to get out of the experience? 
“I’m excited to have a chunk of time to focus primarily on this project. I like to be considerate and thoughtful with design work, and this will give me that chance. I will be working on our social media presence this spring and focus on app and web development over the summer, in order to achieve the goal of launching the product in the Fall of 2020.”

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