James Graham, '20 and Alden Kane, '20 | OptoSwim Labs

James Graham Alden Kane OptoSwimLabs

Describe your company:
“OptoSwim provides smart home solutions for residential drowning detection and pool monitoring through machine learning and deterministic computer vision methods.”

Why did you apply to Race to Revenue, and what are you hoping to get out of the experience? 
“The program seemed like a good opportunity to build on the expertise that the IDEA Center has already given. We also see it as a way to connect with fellow entrepreneurs our age.” (Alden) “I always knew I was going to be ‘doing my own thing’ after school.” (James) “I could get a job [in engineering], but what’s the fun in that? In starting OptoSwim, I’ve learned a tremendous amount about both my strengths and what I need to learn.” (Alden)

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