Stage 5: The V8

Enterprise Acceleration: V8

Technologies that enter the V8 stage are licensed to a startup led by an experienced team or to an established company. The objective of the V8 stage is for these licensees to execute on the business plan set forth in the 4-Cylinder phase. The IDEA Center will, however, assist where needed to help the licensee execute their commercialization strategy. This assistance may come in the form of helping to locate growth capital, management team members, and business partners. The IDEA Center may also help the licensee with scaling, distribution, and overall strategy.

It is possible for licensees to take advantage of both Commercialization Engine Funding requests and the value-increasing process of the Lean Canvas Programs in the 4-Cylinder phase. Unlike unlicensed technologies, however, Engine Funding requests made from licensed technologies require a small amount of equity in exchange for the funds given.