Stage 3: The 2-Stroke

For a technology to enter the 2-Stroke stage of the Commercialization Engine, a completed Invention Disclosure Form (IDF) must be submitted to the IDEA Center. The objective of the 2-Stroke stage is for the Commercialization Engine Team, which includes the inventor and various IDEA Center representatives, to be able to understand and articulate what the invention is, its possible products, and its commercial opportunity. A prior art search, intellectual property landscape assessment, and a high-level market assessment are completed in this stage and documented in a 2-Stroke report.     

For a technology to pass into the 4-Cylinder stage, the IDEA Center must: understand the invention, develop an initial IP strategy, see a possible commercial opportunity, believe that it is technically feasible, and is reasonably confident that it could scale. If these conditions are not met, the IDEA Center will suggest changes to the invention to make it marketable, thus putting it on hold, or return it to the inventor.