Programs & Services

The IDEA Center offers a variety of services and resources for researchers at all stages of ideation. 

Commercialization Funding

The Commercialization Engine funding program offers milestone-based funding to help develop and de-risk technologies.

The Lean Canvas

The Lean Canvas Program is the first stage of transforming a technology into a product. At this stage, teams will work through the necessary steps towards the goal of creating a scoping or product requirement document.

Maker Space

The Maker Space at the IDEA Center will offer a comprehensive set of hand tools, 3D printers and more with which to build a basic tangible device.

Innovation Park

Innovation Park is a 95,000-square foot technology and entrepreneurship facility at the University of Notre Dame. It serves as a site of nucleation where productive collisions between individuals such as entrepreneurs and inventors, students and investors, and subject matter experts and University staff routinely take place.