Stage 4: The 4-Cylinder

The objective of the 4-Cyclinder phase of the Commercialization Engine is to advance technologies to such a point that they are attractive enough to be licensed by the right people, whether that be an experienced entrepreneur or an established company.

The overwhelming majority of technologies that enter the 4-Cylinder will start by going through the Lean Canvas program. This seven-week course is designed so that by the time each technology exits the program, it has a repeatable and scalable business model. During this course many explicit and hidden assumptions are tested and actionable feedback from experts is collected.

Technologies that have achieved a repeatable and scalable business model but need to be developed into an actual product can enter the Incubator where this development will take place.

At any time during the 4-Cylinder, technologies are eligible to make a funding request through the Engine Funding Program to obtain resources that will help it complete the next, most critical milestone in its commercialization strategy.

For a technology to pass into the V8 stage, the technology must be licensed to either a startup or to an established company. If this does not happen, the IDEA Center will suggest changes to the invention to make it more marketable, thus putting it on hold, or return it to the inventor.