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TayCo Brace, LLC began with an invention by one of the nation’s top athletic trainers at the University of Notre Dame, Mike Bean. Searching for a superior solution for stabilizing ankle injuries sustained on the football field, Mike invented the novel concept of a rigid brace that fits outside the shoe, providing unparalleled stability, comfort, and performance.

Mike decided to name his invention the TayCo External Ankle Brace, after his two daughters (Taylor and Courtney) and his wife (Colleen).

Mike partnered with renowned orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Frederick J. Ferlic, to form TayCo Brace, LLC and bring this superior technology that has been improving the lives of athletes for years to every patient, worker, and athlete who is seeking a superior alternative to traditional, bulky ankle braces as well as uncomfortable walking boots, casts, and AFOs.


Gavin Ferlic


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