NameImage UploadFounder(s)Contact EmailYear LaunchedStartup CategoriesStartup TypePosting DateWebsiteOverviewActive
574 Productions/assets/433084/fullsize/574_productions.pngNick Nielsonnnielson@alumni.nd.edu2017Marketing Tech
  • Student
 574 Productions recruits top-quality entertainment to college campuses and smaller cities in the Midwest often overlooked by large promoters. It matches artists with markets for maximum audiences and leverages its proprietary promotion methods to maximize ticket sales. The firm was founded in October 2017 by President Nick Nielson, an undergraduate economics and business administration major; Phil McElroy, a 2018 graduate; and Carl Schiro, a 2018 graduate in finance.      
A Better Tomorrow/assets/433111/fullsize/a_better_tomorrow.pngJason Wonjwon3@nd.edu2021LOHAS and wellness
  • Student
 I would like to start a brand with the main goal: to create a positive impact. I would like to address prevalent issues of the time with each release of clothes. For each release, I would find a cause to donate a significant portion of the profits. First, the money donated would allow charities to fund many of their operations. Also, on the smaller issues, this would raise awareness so there would be a more unified effort to help. Furthermore, we hope to turn the nation away from fast fashion and would like to promote more sustainable clothing options.true
Adela/assets/433197/fullsize/adela.pngEydis Limaelima1@alumni.nd.edu2017Healthtech
  • Student
 Destigmatizing menstruation and sexual health is no easy task, neither is shopping for feminine hygiene products. When it comes to shopping for these products there many women find themselves having issues with privacy and frequency of shopping. And what about the women who are unable to attend school or perform usual duties because at least once a month they are unable to have the equipped provisions to embrace their period? ADELA – It's personal! Our company's mission is to provide every woman with convenience and embrace of feminine hygiene and sexual health care at all stages of womanhood. 
Adforce Technologies Inc./assets/433115/fullsize/adforce_logo.pngJerry Lancasterjerry@adforceled.com2019Adtech
  • Student
 https://www.adforceusa.comAdforce is disrupting the out-of-home advertising industry. There are 5.1 million Uber & Lyft drivers in the United States. Adforce allows each and every one of them to earn significant additional income by allowing us to outfit their car‚Äôs roof with an Adforce MDB (Mobile Digital Billboard). Our military-grade, hardened steel digital billboards allow Fortune 500 companies to beam eye-level messages directly into the eyeballs of their consumers.true
AgenDx Biosciences/assets/241392/fullsize/agendx.jpgKevin Connorskconnors@agendxbio.comPre-2017Healthtech
  • Faculty/Staff Biosciences, Inc.: AgenDx Biosciences is an early stage molecular diagnostics company developing a revolutionary cost-effective molecular diagnostics platform. Our novel technology allows simple molecular diagnostic lab-quality testing. With a quick sample-to-answer in minutes, our platform is positioned to transform where and how disease is detected and treated. Learn more at  
Amaforge/assets/433113/fullsize/amaforge.pngEvan Claudenousclaudeanos.1@nd.edu2017Edtech
  • Student
 Connecting professors with research events and opportunitiestrue
Anfiro/assets/242080/fullsize/anfiro.pngJaime Mateus, William Phillip, and Bryan Boudouris jm@anfiro.comPre-2017Cleantech
  • Faculty/Staff™ is a water technology start-up addressing global freshwater scarcity. We are using our self-assembling polymers to create chlorine resistant and high permeability reverse osmosis (RO) and nanofiltration (NF) membranes that vastly outperform current membrane technology. This enables us to significantly reduce the cost of water treatment and desalination, enabling clean and affordable water for a better tomorrow.true
Anytime Sports/assets/433237/fullsize/anytime_sports.pngEdward (Eddie) Davisedavis22@nd.edu2021Ecommerce
  • Student
 An on-demand sports platform that allows the sports community to find training, create games, and get video evaluation.true
Aopia Biosciences/assets/433238/fullsize/aopia_biosciences.pngNan Sunsubio@gmail.com2020Healthtech
  • Faculty/Staff
 A high throughput, low cost biomarker technology.true
Aquanis/assets/433193/fullsize/aquanis.pngNeal Finenealfine36@gmail.comPre-2017Cleantech
  • Faculty/Staff
 To reduce the cost of wind energy by improving the aerodynamic performance of wind turbines