NameImage UploadFounder(s)Contact EmailYear LaunchedStartup CategoriesStartup TypePosting DateWebsiteOverviewActive
DeLive/assets/433222/fullsize/delive.pngZachary Kousenszkousens@nd.edu2018Robotics and Drones
  • Student
 Drone delivery of defibrillators to save time and lives 
Diagenomix (formerly YeSSGenomics)/assets/433223/fullsize/diagenomix.pngChris Cali2017Oncology
  • Faculty/Staff
 Diagenomix is delivering the first-to-market colon cancer diagnostic test that sub-types a patient’s colon cancer in a way that better personalizes a patient's treatment plan. The test, ColotypeR, is expected to improve patient outcomes and health economics while avoiding costly overtreatment. The firm was started in June 2018 by President Christopher Cali, a 2015 ESTEEM graduate who earned a degree in science-business in 2014; Steven Buechler, a professor in applied and computational mathematics and statistics; and Yesim Gokman-Polar. It is based on research by Buechler and Amanda Hummon, an adjunct associate professor in chemistry and biochemistry.  
Digital Leader Academy/assets/433171/fullsize/digital_leader_academy_logo.pngEllen Joyceejoyce3@nd.edu2020Edtech
  • Student (B2C) training platforms for blockchain development are not adequately preparing developers for blockchain jobs. Hence, blockchain developers usually get trained on blockchain technology after being hired. These internal training methods are proving to be inefficient for blockchain employers because high learning curves extend training time and costs. We want to provide a virtual blockchain bootcamp to help prepare developers for blockchain jobs and shorten the training time for employers.true
Diplo-Frame/assets/433231/fullsize/diplo_frame.pngSusana Lira-Gonzalezsliragon@nd.edu2019Ecommerce
  • Student
 At Diplo Frame, we aim to help people frame their life’s milestones without breaking the bank. We create personalized diploma frames so you can cherish life’s greatest moments. Graduation season is a sentimental time for families. Diplo Frame allows families to capture the emotion of the season by providing a personalized message on the back of the frame. Graduation season also brings a lot of additional expenses for families. Diplo Frame is a cost-effective option when purchasing a diploma frame. 
Directory Fox/assets/433215/fullsize/directory_fox.pngMichael Wicksmwicks@nd.edu2019SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • Student
 Directory Fox is a web-based directory paired with an easy sign-up, user information input, and photo upload process targeted to replace the traditional paper directories of churches, sports teams and office complexes. 
Doggi/assets/433133/fullsize/doggi_logo.pngDavid Thompsondthomp22@nd.edu2021Manufacturing
  • Student is a smart device startup attempting to revolutionize the way we take care of our animals. Through our carefully designed tracking technologies (and one comprehensive web platform) we plan on ensuring that every pet owner knows all that they can to maximize both their pets' happiness and their own convenience. Our concepts range from basic pet-life necessities such as interactive dog feeders all the way to heated beds for our feline friends. We believe that Doggi technologies are the future of pet care.true
Domestic Church Project (Catholic Sprouts)/assets/433170/fullsize/domestic_church_project.pngNancy Bandzuchnancy.verly@gmail.com2021Edtech
  • Student Domestic Church Project is a 6 week in-home experience to help parents set up and live in their Domestic Church. With content designed to engage the hearts of each family member, the Domestic Church Project will give parents the system and support for teaching the Faith that they so desperately need.true
Ellu/assets/433205/fullsize/ellu.pngYago FelliciaYago.M.LepachFoncillas.1@nd.edu2017Wearables and Quanitifed Self
  • Student
 Social network and wearable bracelet for personal security and connectivity to loved ones. Currently operating in stealth mode. 
EmNet/assets/242081/fullsize/emnet.pngLuis Montestruquelmontest@emnet.netPre-2017Infrastructure
  • Faculty/Staff is the only company that offers an open, integrated technology platform for the smart water utility of the future. Our technology and consulting services enable comprehensive understanding, control, and dynamic optimization of water infrastructure, drastic reductions in water and wastewater overflow, and consistently improving system performance over time—all at a fraction of the cost of traditional overflow mitigation strategies.true
EndPoint/assets/433126/fullsize/endpoint_logo.pngPage Hellerheller@endpointsecurityinc.com2018Internet of Things
  • Faculty/Staff a wireless intrusion protection system based on a radio frequency biometric for fixed, wireless edge devices.true