NameImage UploadFounder(s)Contact EmailYear LaunchedStartup CategoriesStartup TypePosting DateWebsiteOverviewActive
Cobomba/assets/433120/fullsize/cobomba.pngBart Frischknechtbart@vennli.com2021Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Community uses AI to increase the effectiveness of content marketing by confronting the three issues currently faced by content marketers. It saves time and resources by streamlining the content planning process into a single framework. It provides data-driven, adaptive recommendations that identify potential topics, messages, and distribution channels that most efficiently engage the target audience. And, it aligns marketing activities with growth objectives in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.true
CollegeHouse/assets/433121/fullsize/collegehouse_logo.pngCharlie Matthewscmatthews@collegehouse.com2019SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • Alumni Intelligence Platform for College Housing Real Estate Owners and Consumerstrue
Collegiate Soaps/assets/433219/fullsize/collegiate_soaps.pngNatalie Maynmay1@alumni.nd.edu2018Ecommerce
  • Student
 Collegiate Soaps sells handmade, university themed cosmetic products to further connect students, alumni and fans to their favorite university. For every bar sold, Collegiate Soaps donates 1 bar of soap to a local homeless shelter. The company was founded in September 2017 by 2018 ESTEEM graduates, Natalie May and Brady Riesgraf. 
Consensus Networks/assets/433141/fullsize/consensus_networks_logo.pngNathan Millernmiller@consensusnetworks.com2019Big Data
  • Student blockchain technology company specializing in designing, building, and supporting blockchain networks for use by enterprise and government.true
Contect Inc. /assets/433204/fullsize/contect.pngMike Soenenmichaelsoenen@gmail.comPre-2017Mobile
  • Faculty/Staff
 Contect, Inc. is a software company that is developing a mobile app which provides athletic trainers, coaches, physicians and parents a fast, simple and more objective way to detect concussions. The Contect app uses speech analysis, a novel and patented approach originally developed by researchers at the University of Notre Dame, to detect the changes in speech acoustics that occur with concussions. The Contect app overcomes the challenges with current concussion-detection methods in that it requires no medical training, can be administered in two minutes, and is not prone to manipulation by athletes. Contect, Inc. was founded in 2013, by a team of software entrepreneurs and researchers at the University of Notre Dame, and is comprised of experts in voice signal processing, speech pathology, and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI). For more information, visit us at, on LinkedIn, or via email,   
Covur/assets/433172/fullsize/covur_logo.pngMichael Wicksmichael@covur.co2019Marketing Tech
  • Student is a WiFi e-mail capture system for small businesses with app and newsletter content.true
Cubed Laboratories (formerly F Cubed)/assets/242082/fullsize/f3.pngLeslie IvieLeslie IviePre-2017Healthtech
  • Faculty/Staff
 F Cubed®, LLC, (F Cubed®; F3) was founded on the objective to create a molecular diagnostic method which could take a raw sample to a full assay in less than one hour in any location.   Based in South Bend, Indiana, home of the University of Notre Dame, F3 benefits from a diverse workforce of specialists with expertise in life sciences, engineering, and entrepreneurship. We have attracted talent from across the United States with graduates from institutions such as the University of Notre Dame, Princeton University, Purdue University, the University of Texas, University of Pennsylvania, University of Pittsburgh, and the University of California.   Our rapid detection system, based on AC Dielectrophoretic technology, was developed by Dr. Hseuh-Chia Chang, the Bayer Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Notre Dame. F Cubed continues to benefit from affiliation with the University.   The City of South Bend has shown their commitment to the creation of high technology businesses, in general, and to F3, in particular, through  the innovative leasing of production equipment for our proprietary biochips and related consumables. This includes specialized robotic and semi-automated production lines.   Individually and as a company, we aspire to change the world for the better by offering revolutionary diagnostic solutions. 
Curiva/assets/433127/fullsize/curiva_logo.pngEydis Limaelima@dermadiagnostics.co2018Oncology
  • Student's mission is to provide customers with a noninvasive platform for detection of gynecologic malignancies such as cervical cancer. Our product, diapatchTM ‚Äì a patch for early detection allows physicians and healthcare professionals to test in a noninvasive, sensitive way and delivers same-day analysis, with simple patient-centered results.true
Dandy/assets/433250/fullsize/dandy.pngIsabel Bolanosibolanos@nd.edu2020SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • Student
 DANDY makes the party experience easy and friendly. Create events and share moves with friends and squads.  true
Debtly/assets/433123/fullsize/debtly_logo.pngDaniel Jimenezdanny@debtly.app2020Fintech
  • Student debt management app that lets users consolidate and pay all of their accounts from one place. Americans paid over $100 billion in credit card interest and fees. With the use of artificial intelligence, users will never overpay for their debt again.true