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AskYourDoc/assets/433114/fullsize/askyourdoc_logo.pngConnor O'Rourkeconnororourke25@gmail.com2020SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • Alumni is an Alumni telemedicine company building a Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) communications platform used for Urgent care & Follow-up visits. Ask Your Doc is designed from the clinicians’ perspective with one purpose - to deliver the best care for patients.true
Atlas 3D/assets/433112/fullsize/atlas3d_logo.pngChad Bardenchad@atlas3d.xyz2017SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • Faculty/Staff 3D provides computer-based optimization of metal 3D printing that heightens efficiency by replacing the trial-and-error approach. The firm was founded in April 2017 by CEO Chad Barden, Vice President of Product Development Hao Peng, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing Brent Kephart, Board Chairman Gary Neidig, and CTO Joel Neidig. Its Sunta software is based on research by former University of Notre Dame aerospace and mechanical engineering professor David Hoelzle.true
AU Athlete/assets/433221/fullsize/au_athlete.pngJonathan Smalljsmall4@nd.edu2019Manufacturing
  • Student
 AU Athlete is an disruptive sports technology company that produces athletic equipment that helps athletes train more effectively. Our vision is to give all athletes the tools they need in order to make their dream become a reality. The first product we have created towards this vision is the Halo Hurdle, a magnetized hurdles that come apart safely on contact preventing injuries to athletes. 
Audience (formerly Spark.DJ)/assets/433164/fullsize/spark.dj_logo.pngJames Jonesjames.w.jones@spark.dj2019Marketing Tech
  • Alumni
 https://sparkdj.comSpark DJ is an experiential marketing tool that delivers subscribers and targeted ad impressions by letting the crowd vote on the musictrue
Bee Brand/assets/433216/fullsize/bee_brand.pngKeian Gatewoodkgatewoo@nd.edu2020Manufacturing
  • Student
 A clothing brand that donates 10% of all profits to bee and pollinator charities. 
BrainDrive/assets/433209/fullsize/braindrive.pngMajd “Jude” Alshoufi2021SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • Student
 BrainDrive is a mental health technology company that brings together the worlds of science, tech, art, and business to offer evidence-based, tech-powered, and art-enhanced mental health solutions that help people respond adaptively to stress and process their emotions to improve their emotional fitness enhance overall wellbeing, fulfillment, and productivity. 
Bumbleroot/assets/433116/fullsize/bumbleroot_logo.pngSara Andrewssara@bumblerootfoods.com2020Cleantech
  • Alumni bridges the gap in the food industry between regenerative agricultural farmers and consumers looking for ways to eat cleaner and healthier, all while contributing to the fight against climate change. Bumbleroot is a multi-category, CPG company focused on promoting regenerative agricultural practices through their food and beverage products and content.true
Cetya Therapeutics/assets/242083/fullsize/cetya.pngClifford Hendrickinfo@cetya-therapeutics.comPre-2017Healthtech
  • Faculty/Staff Therapeutics, Inc. (“Cetya”) was formed in 2012 to commercialize histone deacetylase inhibitors (HDACi) based on largazole. Some of these analogs have bifunctional modifications and the potential to target specific cell types or tumors. This is unique in the HDACi space and, together with potency and selectivity, differentiates Cetya’s compounds. Cetya holds exclusive license rights to the largazole analog intellectual property created by Dr. Robert M. Williams at Colorado State University. More than 40 largazole analogs have been synthesized, some with best-in-class profiles as HDACi. Biochemical and cell-based potency, upregulation of fetal hemoglobin expression and in-vivo anti-cancer activity have been demonstrated. As a drug class, HDACis have been demonstrated to be effective in treating certain cancers and thought leaders in epigenetics believe that this class of compounds may have much broader application in treating hemoglobinopathies, chronic inflammation, neurological disorders, fibrotic diseases, and enhance the efficacy of antiretroviral therapy for HIV by reactivating latent pools of virus. All of these indications will be investigated as the preclinical dataset around Cetya’s analogs matures.true
Claris Genomics/assets/433118/fullsize/claris_genomics_logo.pngJeff Sayrejeff@thirdspan.com2020Oncology
  • Faculty/Staff Genomiccs is delivering the first-to-market colon cancer diagnostic test that sub-types a patient’s colon cancer in a way that better personalizes a patient's treatment plan. The test, ColotypeR, is expected to improve patient outcomes and health economics while avoiding costly overtreatment. The firm is based off of technology from Steven Buechler, a professor in applied and computational mathematics and statistics; Yesim Gokman-Polarp and Amanda Hummon, an adjunct associate professor in chemistry and biochemistry.true
CMP Scientific Corporation/assets/433119/fullsize/cmp_scientific_logo.pngJames Xiajames.xia@cmpscientific.comPre-2017Manufacturing
  • Faculty/Staff Scientific Corp is founded on a special technology for the hyphenation of capillary electrophoresis and mass spectrometry (CE-MS). Its core products are EMASS-II CE-MS ion source, ECE-001 capillary electrophoresis system, separation capillaries, electrospray emitters, and reagent kits for a variety of applications.true