Lead One of Our Startups

Are You An Experienced Entrepreneur? Help Build Companies at Notre Dame!

We Know How to Start Them; Come Help Us Run Them!

  • Derisked Opportunities1

  • Excellent Deal Flow to Choose From

  • Form, Own and Lead Company Strategy

  • Easy and Favorable Terms 

  • Help in Recruiting Quality Board Members, a Management Team and the Proper Framework for the Startup Company

The IDEA Center at the University of Notre Dame has launched over 85 companies in the last three years. This has included investing a great deal of our time as well as financial and physical resources to de-risk and commercialize Notre Dame technologies through our robust Commercialization Engine program so that by the time an entrepreneur like you takes on one of our technologies, it has been significantly vetted, validated and ready to take its first steps into the market. 

We are in need of seasoned entrepreneurs like you to lead our new startup companies. If you are interested, or would like to learn more, please contact James Thompson.

1 Opportunities that emerge from our Commercialization Engine program will: have both the problem they solve as well as the ability to actually solve that problem validated, the technology will work, it will already have some market traction, and the unit economics of the opportunity will be validated and in place.