Our goal at the IDEA Center is to help entrepreneurs like you succeed. This includes investing a great deal of our time as well as financial and physical resources to de-risk and commercialize Notre Dame technologies through our robust Commercialization Engine program so that by the time you take on one of our technologies, it has been significantly vetted, validated and ready to take its first steps into the market. We will also help you recruit quality board members, assemble a management team, help set up the proper framework for your company, and even provide access to our maker space facility. 

The Type of Entrepreneur We Are Looking to Partner With

We are generally looking for entrepreneurs who have had one or more successful exits as well as individuals who are passionate about being an entrepreneur and want to expand their career path by learning how to become a startup CEO.

Explore Notre Dame Technology

If you are interested in learning about the types of technologies Notre Dame has available, you may either peruse a list of currently available technologies on our Tech Publisher website or contact Dick Cox at either 574.631.5158 or rcox4@nd.edu as many of our inventions do not currently appear on Tech Publisher.

Learn About the De-Risking and Value-Adding Process our Inventions Go-Through

Here at Notre Dame we understand that consumers don't buy technologies; they buy solutions to their problems. The goal of our Commercialization Engine program, the name for our robust commercialization process, is to take early-stage technologies through a process of de-risking and transform them into life-changing and productive applications. We use industry best-practices that validate and make our technologies truly ready for the market.

Connect With Entrepreneurial-and Innovation-Minded Students

Notre Dame has some of the brightest students in the world. Many of them have big ideas about how to solve the world's biggest problems. We encourage you to reach out to Patti Reinhardt, the director of student engagement, at either 574.631.2499 or preinhar@nd.edu to find out how your company can benefit from interacting with our world-class students.