Structured Immunity



Structured Immunity is a drug discovery company dedicated to accelerating and de-risking T cell therapies, an emerging type of cancer treatment with massive potential that is difficult to develop and can cause adverse side-effects. The firm offers proprietary technology and specialized services to biopharmaceutical companies that help them develop safer, more effective cancer therapies with reduced risk of side effects. It is also developing a preclinical pipeline of molecules for cancer therapies.

Structured Immunity was founded in 2017 by Scientific Adviser Brian Baker, a professor of structural biology in chemistry and biochemistry; Chief Scientific Officer Timothy Riley, who earned a Ph.D. in chemistry and biochemistry in 2018; and President David Hardwicke, a 2017 ESTEEM graduate. It is based on Baker's and Riley’s research. The firm received $35,000 in grants from Elevate Ventures and the McCloskey Competition.


Brian Baker