Will I Receive Any Revenue From My Invention’s Commercialization?

Revenue earned from the commercialization of inventions is shared with the inventors and the University, net of expenses. More specifically, and according to Section 6.5.3 of the University’s Intellectual Property Policy, “Any royalty income received by the University from intellectual property covered under this policy is first used to reimburse the University for expenses associated with the intellectual property.” The policy also states that any royalty income thereafter will be distributed as follows: for royalty received up to and including $100,000, 50% will go to the inventors and 50% to the University. For royalty received over $100,000, 25% will go to the inventors and 75% to the University. And according to Section 6.6, “In licensing transactions in which the University has taken an equity interest in the licensee company, proceeds of the liquidation of license-related equity will be distributed as a Net Royalty according to” the above distribution.

IMPORTANT: We encourage you to read the University’s official Intellectual Property Policy for the most up-to-date information regarding revenue distribution.