What is Innovation Park at Notre Dame?

Innovation Park serves as a site of nucleation where productive collisions between individuals such as entrepreneurs and inventors, students and investors, and subject matter experts and University staff can take place. It houses companies of all kinds including those sharing the mission of the University of Notre Dame to be a force for good, those with intellectual property developed at Notre Dame, and those tapping into the research and academic expertise of faculty and students.

Who is an Innovation Park tenant?

Innovation Park tenants are growth-oriented companies committed to product or service development that meets a need in the marketplace. Companies should desire to be part of a growing community of risk takers who like to build- test – revise – test- repeat. Teams should enjoy sharing stories, working hard, learning from others, and having fun (proficiency in foosball and a good sense of humor desired). 

What type of services will Innovation Park provide to its clients?

As part of your lease, you will receive ultra-fast fiber internet, utilities, parking, invitations to networking and training events as well as connections to the IDEA Center's Commercialization Engine program and Notre Dame students. Innovation Park also serves as an engagement vehicle for companies that wish to utilize University resources, such as advanced imaging, clean rooms, nuclear magnetic resonance equipment and other specialized resources. A full list of Innovation Park's features and amenities are found on our facilities page

How is Innovation Park connected to the IDEA Center at the University of Notre Dame?

Innovation Park is one of the teams under the IDEA Center at Notre Dame. Learn more about the IDEA Center.

How long has Innovation Park existed?

Innovation Park opened in October 2009. It was the University of Notre Dame's first step in helping to commercialize intellectual property. Similar parks associated with other universities in the state and around the country have proven to be solid means for inspiring new research, bringing innovative ideas to the marketplace, creating industry-university relationships, and for spurring local economic growth.

Innovation Park's Facility

What type of equipment and resources are available to clients in the Park?

Innovation Park is located on 12 acres of land at the south end of the Notre Dame campus directly across the street from the Compton Ice Arena. Leighton Hall, our first building, was completed in 2009 and is a three-story, 55,000 square foot structure. Quinn Hall, our second building, is scheduled to open in January 2018 and is a three-story, 45,000 square foot building. The two buildings include collaborative areas, conference rooms, administrative offices, incubation facilities, and lab space. 

Tenants enjoy:

  • Office suites, with all utilities included in the lease
  • Laboratories for technology platform development (with an additional lab membership add-on)
  • Direct access to dark fiber broadband connectivity via the Metronet
  • Access to the IDEA Center's commercialization services
  • Close to the new Eddy Street Commons, a mixed-use development that provides retail, residential, hotel, and office services
  • Access to expertise and resources available through the IDEA Center’s expansive network of industry experts and capital providers

How is Innovation Park connected to Ignition Park in South Bend?

Innovation Park at Notre Dame and Ignition Park are sister parks within the Indiana State-Certified Technology Park network. The sites will share programming, technology and other resources.

Innovation Park is owned by the University of Notre Dame and located adjacent to the University near the intersection of Angela Road and Twykenham Drive in South Bend. Ignition Park is owned by the City of South Bend and located on 83 acres southeast of Sample and Chapin streets in the former Studebaker Corridor. Innovation Park is designed to be a transformational space conducive to the commercialization of new ideas emerging through University research, and a place to demonstrate proof of commercial promise. Ignition Park will serve as a prospective landing area for companies that are ready to leave Innovation Park, or for established companies that wish to relocate to South Bend from other areas around the country or the world.