Innovation Park Exterior

Innovation Park's 12-acre campus is situated across the street from the University of Notre Dame. Our state-of-the-art facility boasts 55,000 square feet of collaborative space that promotes creativity (soon to be 95,000 square feet). Engage your ideas at Innovation Park.

The Pit

The PIT*

The PIT (Performance Instruction Training) is a business hothouse, only cooler. Picture eating a pizza while picking the great business minds of today. It's the space and technology you need to connect and collaborate with business advisors and market experts.

The PIT is the hub of networking and co-working activity at the IDEA Center, creating collision space for entrepreneurs, experts, stakeholders and students. The large open space gives members and tenants the freedom to design their work space around their work, using modular chairs and tables, wheeled glass walls and onsite technology. Featuring the PIT Stop kitchen with fresh food vending and complimentary bean-to-brew coffee, members can refuel their bodies and minds as they work to build their business machine. And when it’s time for a break, there’s room to crash and relax on the comfy sofas for some R&R in the game room.

This large co-working space also adapts quickly and easily for events ranging from speaker series to pitch competitions, hackathons to corporate ideation sessions.

*Formerly known as the Greenhouse

Private Office

Private Offices

If you're looking for private office space for your employees and business activities, look no further than Innovation Park at Notre Dame as we offer different types.


Conference Rooms

Innovaton Park's well-equipped meeting rooms are available for public rental or business meetings and events.

Aro On Center

The ARO ON Center

The ARO On Center offers a wide-range of printing options including quick print, centralized reproduction, access to full-color press, and in-house expertise, all of which are high-quality yet cost-effective. Other services include high volume color critical products, and end-to-end services including design, production and delivery.

Lab Space

Laboratory Space

We offer both secure wet and dry laboratory space. Wet labs are provided with water, direct ventilation, and a protected drainage system. Private offices can be built in tandem with laboratory space on the third floor of Leighton Hall if required.

Shared Lab

Shared Analytical Laboratory

Opened in late 2010, our 847 square foot shared analytical laboratory on the third floor of Leighton Hall was created to help scientific companies accelerate their growth by providing state of the art preparation and analytical equipment that can be rented on an as needed basis, saving young companies both time and money.

This state-of-the-art lab equipment does everything from detecting NANO (Dwarf) wires to freezing bacteria to a negative 80 degrees Celsius and includes an array of instrumentation including but not limited to: an Explosion-Proof Refrigerator, a Vacuum Oven, an Integral Water Purification System, a Lyophilizer, a Precision Balance, a Zeta Particle Analyzer, an electroflourescnet Microscope, Cell Culture Room with a biosafety hood and more. A comprehensive suite of high end equipment never before accumulated for shared use in this fashion.

Innovation Park is grateful for the Department of Energy grant that provided nearly $750,000 worth of laboratory equipment available for our clients. It is our hope to continue to build an environment where groups of brilliant scientific minds can collaborate with one another to commercialize their scientific discoveries in an effort to forever positively alter the course of mankind.

In addition to the Park's equipment, IPND can offer facilitated access to a full range of mass spectrometry testing and analysis on the campus of the University of Notre Dame - with the expertise to assist with data interpretation, and Title 21 CFR part 11 compliant systems.

Innovation Park 7

Fisher Coachworks Café

Don't forget the caffeine! If you're looking for a more casual spot to engage with colleagues and market experts, this is the place. The café's TV provides visitors with updates on the day's business news, weather and key Park happenings . Coffee is provided 24/7 with sodas and snacks available for purchase. A foosbal table, bar stools, bistro tables and other comfortable furnishings make this an ideal place for unwinding.

Innovation Park

Abdo Markethouse Patio

Working: The outdoors with benefits — You and your laptop are invited to work outside and experience some of the best views of the Notre Dame campus.

Rentals: Complete with an outdoor grille, tables and chairs the patio opens into 900 square feet of convertible space. A spacious catering kitchen allows you to store and refrigerate food and beverages. Impress, entertain and enjoy.

Eddy Commons

Eddy Street Commons

Time for a break? — Innovation Park is within walking distance to Eddy Street Commons — complete with shops, restaurants and a pub. Take your meeting off site and share a meal, have a drink, and think commercialization.

So what are you waiting for? Take the next steps and make Innovation at Park Notre Dame your new business home. For more information, or to discuss leasing options, call 574.631.8825 or send us an email.