Kunigunda Szentes

Venture Acceleration Manager



Kunigunda "Kunci" Szentes is the Fund Manager at Notre Dame's pre-seed fund, facilitating initial investments into ND Accelerator companies.

As head of Investor Relations, she supports a wide portfolio of Notre Dame companies, hosts investor events, shares custom deal flow, and catalyzes new investments.

Her mission is to empower ND's finest startups, preparing them to secure their first Angel or Institutional rounds.

Prior to her current role, she was the Venture Acceleration Manager, where she developed the early iterations of the Startup CXO program and the Engine Accelerator Program.

Starting her career with the Idea Center team, Kunigunda led the Risk Assessment Program, managed a portfolio of faculty inventions, and delivered over 150 early-stage technology market reports.

Kunigunda holds an MSc in Engineering, Science & Technology Entrepreneurship from the University of Notre Dame and a BSc in Molecular Bionics Engineering from Pázmány Péter Catholic University (Hungary).