Benjamin Hoggan

Executive Director of Commercialization


As the Executive Director of Commercialization, Ben works with the earliest stage companies and technologies to identify and mitigate risks that prevent startups from succeeding in the market. Derisking is the second phase of the Commercialization Engine where technologies are advanced through a stage-gated process to identify risks, mitigate market and technology risks, and create companies that are much more likely to succeed in the market.

Ben has worked on over 150 different technologies and companies ranging from diagnostics, therapeutics and medical devices, to blockchain and cryptocurrency, to SaaS and CPG. 


Prior to his work managing the Problem Validation team at the IDEA Center, Hoggan served as the managing partner of a small real estate investment company, overseeing the daily operations of the company. This included managing employees and contractors, performing strategic analysis, job costing, market research, business development, and new process implementation. Prior to this, Ben has substantial entrepreneurial experience including serving as a co-founder of Infinite Air and the Founder of Brain Bucket Technologies.


Ben Hoggan holds a Masters in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from the ESTEEM Program at the University of Notre Dame. Additionally, he holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics from UVU.