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525 Foundation

525 Foundation

Here at 525 Foundation, we see value in everyone, and think is is so important that everyone hears our message of prevention.  "Everybody is somebody's Somebody!"  We want to save lives by being the catalyst for positive change in our schools, families, and communities. 

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Amaforge develops software to help organizations hit their funding goals. They specialize in AI and Natural Language Processing based solutions and recently launched a platform for the higher education market.

Knights of Columbus Insurance

The Knights of Columbus is a fraternal benefit society, which means we can provide financial security to members and their families, while turning premiums into charitable impact.

Austin Becker E-Commerce Marketing

I provide 100% human-managed online ad service. I do not use “set it and forget it” software or outsource your ad campaigns. I work with an in-house team of advertising professionals I’ve trained myself.

Biomineral Systems, LLC

Calleros Financial Group

CFG was founded as a financial firm with a mission to combat financial disparities within the working class communities of America. Elisa Calleros, CFG’s founder and President, observed the lifetime struggle of her migrant farmworker parents. Most importantly, Ms. Calleros found little reward awaiting her parent’s sacrifice toward the end of their lives. During her parent’s retirement, they received insufficient social security funds to survive and thus depended heavily on the financial support of their children. After harvesting fields and working within the factories of Indiana their entire adulthood, Ms. Calleros expected a healthy retirement for her parents. Instead, her parents retired in poverty. This is a reality that many individuals within our working class communities are facing today. A reality we here, at CFG, are fighting to replace by offering financial security for every family through FreedomFlex and the American Dream Project. At CFG, this is how we are helping to build wealth.


Carex Technologies, Inc.

Pioneering in healthcare communication and family engagement, CarexTech partners with Assisted Living organizations nationwide to create and sustain a higher level of communication and engagement between families, residents, and caregivers, to ultimately improve the overall family and staff experience. CarexTech offers a comprehensive portfolio of SaaS cloud based solutions that engages the family members and staff of Assisted Living and Long Term Care facilities and identifies areas in which to drive efficiency and reduce costs while improving family and staff satisfaction and the quality of life for residents. CarexTech works with clients across the country to better engage their current as well as future family members through an integrated approach and improved business analytics. An authorized partner with 'Point.Click.Care', the industry leader in EHR senior living, their intuitive, user-centered design makes our solutions easy to use for families and staff. Specialties Healthcare, family engagement, employee engagement, effective communication, consulting, data analytics, family and resident experience, care management.


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Consensus Networks 

We design, build, and secure blockchain for institutions.



Elevate Ventures

At Elevate Ventures, we believe that communities and regions across Indiana can achieve more when they make entrepreneurism part of their DNA. 

Indiana has a business environment ranked among the best in the world, and statewide leaders in business, education and government are increasingly interested in entrepreneurism’s potential to elevate quality of life and attract and retain talent in communities big and small. The moment to capitalize is now.

Elevate Ventures exists to create sustainable cultures and infrastructure across Indiana that support the ongoing development and success of entrepreneurs. Our vision is to be regarded as a critical guide, resource and community catalyst for developing high-performing, high-growth, Indiana-based businesses.


Empire Value Advisors

Empire Value Advisors, LLC (EVA) provides advisory services to the private equity industry. EVA provides the initial financial diligence, meaningful portfolio monitoring functions, and valuation support and data management through the exit. We accelerate the realization of value by providing a proprietary software platform that drives efficiency and optimizes insight into trends that matter. Speed, timing, and the holding period are critical to success and measuring returns. Simply put, clients desire to be more efficient every day and to make more money at a faster rate—EVA’s focus is on accelerating the realization of returns and being valued for our contribution along the entire PE spectrum.

EpeeNoire, LLC

EpeeNoire is a HR Tech firm that embraces socially responsible issues within its own mission. "We believe companies should do business with companies that share the same type of values. We benchmark vendors using our proprietary index and search for the perfect match."

Faegre Drinker Biddle & Reath, LLP 

A firm with one shared focus: the client. We understand your priorities. We bring you fresh ideas that work. and we deliver excellence - without arrogance.

FGC Plasma Solutions, Inc. 

Harnessing the power of plasma to improve combustion for energy, aerospace, and national security.

Fine Tune Business Consultants, LLC 

The Smart Solution for Complex Expenses. Fine Tune partners with companies across a variety of industries to source, negotiate, audit, and manage the most complex indirect expenses.

Frost Technologies

We are a fast-growing technology company that is engineering and manufacturing the next generation of intelligent weather devices. ​

At Frost Technologies we make roadways and parking lots safer by providing operators the situational awareness needed to prevent weather-related risk and injury.


GoInformatics, Inc.

, Scientific Cloud Software. GoInformatics’ flexible platform solutions include project management, electronic notebooking, resource management and inventory tracking functionality. Our platform keeps your data centralized, accessible, and secure to help you make better business decisions.

Grannus Therapeutics, LLC 

Founded in 2019, Grannus Therapeutics is a pre-clinical stage biotechnology company, focused on the development of small molecule inhibitors for specific isoforms of HSP90. Our lead program is focused on the development of a highly selective small molecule inhibitor of HSP90𝛽 for the treatment of multiple types of cancer. With this program, we have successfully engineered a molecule that selectively inhibits HSP90𝛽, potentially delivering the efficacy benefits of previous pan-inhibitors without their toxicity and dosing challenges. 

Healthcare Data Analytics, Inc

Healthcare Data Analytics is on a mission to ensure that the CMS Hospital Price Transparency Rule leads to actual, actionable price transparency in the US healthcare system. 

Hsiri Therapeutics, Inc. 

Hsiri Therapeutics is focused on discovering and developing therapies for infections due to drug resistant bacteria and drug resistant fungal diseases. Hsiri’s research efforts are currently focused on three major areas – infections due to mycobacteria, infections due to usual bacterial pathogens that are resistant to currently prescribed treatments, and infections due to drug resistant fungal pathogens. The research concepts for all of Hsiri Therapeutics products originated from the research efforts of Professor Marvin Miller at the University of Notre Dame.


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Ice Miller


Impact Capital Funds

Impact Capital Funds is a Minority-Owned, Woman-Led Social Impact Fintech Platform on a Mission: To refinance burdensome student loans and create new scholarship opportunities for low-income, BIPOC, and first-generation college students.


Indiana Integrated Circuits, LLC

Indiana Integrated Circuits LLC is working to commercialize Quilt Packaging™, a technology licensed through the University of Notre Dame to streamline microchip packaging, resulting in lower costs, greater speed and higher efficiency. The patented circuitry is designed to minimize or eliminate data transfer issues by using a much more streamlined connection than has previously been available in existing technologies, thereby reducing costs of the final product as well as communications lag time between chips.



Ionic Liquid Solutions, LLC

Our foundational ionic liquid chemistry was invented at the University of Notre Dame and developed its commercial vision through Innovation Park at Notre Dame. As part of this commercial vision, ILS has leveraged its cornerstone technology with other scientists in the United States and Europe and has constructed a business model and capital structure to deploy its technologies to commercial markets around the world. Our first two applications are two distinct technologies for the refrigeration market and the chromium electroplating market. These technologies will be deployed into global markets, providing environmental solutions that will change the way many industries meet their customer requirements. 

Irish Woodworks


Enriching the live music experience for the artist, the audience, and the venue by providing an intuitive and accessible channel of communication that allows for tailored performances.

Lucata Corporation 

The next-generation Lucata computer architecture enables organizations to accelerate and scale graph analytics orders of magnitude beyond the capabilities of existing approaches. Lucata leverages patented migrating thread technology to massively scale unified memory and perform high performance, multi-hop analytics, including exhaustive breadth-first search (BFS), on unpruned, unsharded scale 40 databases and beyond. You can now analyze deeper connections on much larger graphs – using existing graph database software or custom graph solutions – than ever before possible. Lucata solutions support groundbreaking graph analytics and improved machine learning for organizations in financial services, cybersecurity, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, ecommerce, government and more.

Marmon Water & Marmon Holdings, Inc

Every person, every home, and every business needs access to clean water. Marmon Water Inc, meets this universal need through a diverse group of water treatment companies located around the world. Marmon Water Inc. Our parent company, Marmon Holdings employs more than 20,000 people in 20+ countries. While Marmon is not (yet) a household name, we operate more than 100 leading companies across a variety of industrial manufacturing and service sectors. And, as a Berkshire Hathaway company, Marmon is a key part of one of the largest, most influential companies in the world.

MusicLift, Inc.

Live music booking made easy: MusicLift believes that music connects and unites us all. It strengthens communities and deepens ties. Live music has the power to turn mundane events into memorable moments. These moments shape our lives and we don’t have to wait to make them happen. We can create them. We empower musicians by establishing a community where they experience creative freedom with fair treatment. A world with more live music, that’s MusicLift’s mission.

National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) 

NECA is the voice of the $171 billion electrical construction industry that brings power, light, and communication technology to buildings and communities across the U.S.

NECA contractors are the technical professionals responsible for the most innovative and safest electrical construction in the U.S.


Neo Industries, Inc.

Neo Industries LLC is a surface technology company that is working to develop new approaches for applying coatings to surfaces for industrial applications. Neo Industries is a leading provider of wear-resistant surface treatments for industrial applications. These include nickel and copper plating, chrome plating work rolls, electro discharge texturing, grinding and polishing. Neo is truly a global company, as it operates 13 facilities throughout North America, Europe, India, China and Saudi Arabia. The company offers its services to a diverse range of industries, including steel and aluminum manufacturers.

OfService, LLC

Play Like A Champion Capital, LLC (PLACC) 




QuantaSi uses cutting-edge technology to deliver the next generation of managed services. Our team is pioneering new, innovative ways to enable our clients to save money through services such as Managed Services, Hybrid Cloud, and Advanced Managed Networks. QuantaSi enables our customers to take full advantage of the flexibility, scalability, security, and redundancy of the cloud as a fully hosted, managed, or on-premise solution

Qumulus Solutions Logo

Qumulus Solutions

Qumulus Solutions provides organizations with access to the people, expertise and technology needed to develop and maintain their information security programs. 

In order to design security strategies and solutions that fit our clients objectives we: identify and diagnose security challenges, document and Implement information security strategies, manage and mitigate risks, ensure Cybersecurity risks are minimized and mitigated, ensure Employees’ staff members are trained and knowledgeable in cybersecurity, implement Cybersecurity, IT governance, risk and privacy infrastructure and ensure policies and controls on in line with regulatory and industry compliance requirements.


Transforming the Lives of Individuals Through Entrepreneurial Thought and Immersion

Our programs Startup Moxie (high school) and Applied Entrepreneurship (college/community) act as our research and development lab where entrepreneurship education best practices are tested and applied. Through this process we create tools, resources, and training that is available to institutions and individuals across the country

Sanders Pulsed Power, LLC 

Pulsed power is the delivery of shorts bursts of electrical energy. Typical applications include radar, lasers, microwaves, particle accelerators (both for research and medical), and many other industrial applications. Sanders Pulsed Power can help you achieve longer system lifetime, a more compact system, a more efficient system, or even increase the power output of your system.

St. Joseph Financial Services 

Financial service for the people of the St. Joseph area.

SIMBA Chain, Inc.

SIMBA is the simplest and chain-agnostic (portable) API development platform for companies and organizations who want to build sustainable (green), trustless, decentralized Web3 apps on any blockchain to compete in the economy of the future.

Since our origins are deep in the DoD, we’ve had to deal with real-world problems from day one. Now even in NFTs, SIMBA provides differentiated value.

In short, SIMBA is the leading pathway to the Web3 world.

Stewart Richardson & Associates, Inc. 

We believe in delivering deposition solutions that give you complete freedom to focus on your case, not on the minutiae of scheduling. Our goal is to provide you with an easy, extraordinary deposition experience whenever and wherever you need it. In addition to offering you a superior deposition experience, our full range of litigation services are designed to meet your needs locally, nationally and internationally.

Tekkware, Inc. 

Tekkware, Inc. is a leader in delivering advanced yeast technologies for the ethanol industry. Our ActivateTM yeast is the world’s most stable and efficient microorganism for profitable ethanol production. The advanced technologies can co-ferment glucose and xylose, while naturally delivering all of the expensive enzymes required for your fermentation.



Truck driver turnover is a huge issue in the transportation industry. Many carriers operate at or around 100% turnover per year, which costs them big on training/recruiting costs, lost revenue, and missed growth opportunities. Tenstreet helps motor carriers realize Retention. Not Regrets. Its industry-leading retention toolkit includes onboarding, exit, and annual satisfaction surveys as well as a fully featured online rewards platform. Robust reporting tools, targeted driver intervention opportunities, and insightful client support teams all give carriers actionable data on what is causing turnover in their driver workforce and what changes might reduce it. These tools help drive down expenses, foster fleet growth, and improve the lives of drivers.

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Trek 10

Founded in 2013, Trek10 was born with a single focus: to help clients move to and maximize Amazon Web Services. This is all we do... We concentrate 100% of our efforts on building a density of people and purpose within the AWS ecosystem. Designing, building, and supporting AWS workloads are table stakes for our team and as an outgrowth of that focus we have developed a superpower in the form of serverless computing. Guided by the Trek10 Way, Trek10 clients trust our expertise, passion, and commitment to growing the AWS ecosystem - and it shows through in every aspect of our actions - from our brand, to our hiring practices, our commitment to open source intellectual property development, thought leading content, and most importantly, the spirit of collaboration with AWS to build and sustain this emerging ecosystem.



Trion Coatings, LLC

Our foundational ionic liquid chemistry was invented at the University of Notre Dame and developed its commercial vision through Innovation Park at Notre Dame. As part of this commercial vision, ILS has leveraged its cornerstone technology with other scientists in the United States and Europe and has constructed a business model and capital structure to deploy its technologies to commercial markets around the world. Our first two applications are two distinct technologies for the refrigeration market and the chromium electroplating market. These technologies will be deployed into global markets, providing environmental solutions that will change the way many industries meet their customer requirements.


Verso Ministries Logo

Verso Ministries


Vital View 

Vital View Technologies (Vital View) is a digital health company whose first product will measure the vital signs of a human without the need for contact sensors. Specifically, Vital View can measure the heart rate and respiratory rate of a patient, either at home or in the hospital setting, without touching the patient with any device.


St Logo Wilcox 1

Wilcox & Associates

Sandler Training provides sales training, management training, customer service training, and professional development for individuals and organizations in Indiana.