Unveiling Brilliance: The Innovation Lab's Top 10 Projects of 2023

Author: The IDEA Center

The Innovation Lab at the IDEA Center is a powerhouse of creativity and transformation, seamlessly turning visionary ideas into tangible projects. In 2023, the lab surpassed all expectations, delivering groundbreaking projects that left an indelible mark on various fronts, including collaborations with athletics and impactful community initiatives. Explore the pinnacle of innovation as we present the top 10 projects that defined the Lab's exceptional journey throughout the year.

2023 Innovation Lab Projects (L-R):

  1. Nine foot tall hockey Puck for 'Hockey Night in South Bend' at the Comptom Family Ice Arena
  2. The iconic 'All Fight' Illuminated Sign for Notre Dame Athletics
  3. Stadium wood holder for the Shillelagh with 24k carrot gold plated monogram
  4. Grand binoculars on the 3rd floor Innovation Park overlooking our magnificent campus
  5. The light bright sculpture on the forist floor of Innovation Park
  6. Vending carts with sanded acrylic (ice block) countertops for Compton
  7. The vaunted Notre Dame vault for Fighting Irish Media
  8. 1750 coasters for Notre Dame Hockey Night special
  9. The illuminating Notre Dame victory monogram
  10. 'Here Come the Irish' photo frame for Notre Dame football games