The University of Notre Dame's 32 Startups From 2019

Author: Nicholas Swisher

The University of Notre Dame’s 32 Startups From 2019


To qualify as a Notre Dame startup, the initial business or invention disclosure must undergo a rigorous vetting process.

Startup Short Description Industry Founder(s) Startup Type
Adforce Technologies Adforce is disrupting the out-of-home advertising industry. There are two million Uber and Lyft drivers in the United States. Adforce allows them to earn significant additional income by allowing us to outfit their car’s roof with an Adforce Mobile Digital Billboard. Our military-grade, hardened steel digital billboards allow Fortune 500 companies to beam eye-level messages directly into the eyeballs of their consumers. Advertising Jerry Lancaster (senior, business) Student Startup
AU Athlete AU Athlete is a disruptive sports technology company that produces athletic equipment that helps athletes train more effectively. Our vision is to give all athletes the tools they need to make their dream become a reality. The first product we have created toward this vision is the Halo Hurdle, magnetized hurdles that come apart safely on contact preventing injuries to athletes. Sports Technology Jonathan Small (senior, business) Student Startup
Benefactory Benefactory designs and creates high-quality gifts for university stakeholders. Consumer Products Matt Leevy (Research Associate Professor, Biological Sciences), Sean Kassen and Mike Elwell Notre Dame Faculty/Staff
CollegeHouse CollegeHouse is a market iIntelligence software-as-a-service platform for college housing real estate owners and consumers. Information Technology Charlie Matthews, 
Tom Annexstad,
Chase Lawrence and
Adrian Lawrence
Community Startup
Consensus Networks Consensus Networks is a blockchain technology company specializing in designing, building, and supporting blockchain networks on the cloud and in hardware for use by enterprise and government clients. Information Technology Nathan Miller (master of science in engineering, science and technology, class of 2018) and Shane Fimbel (Ph.D., neuroscience, class of 2007) Student Startup
Covur Covur is a WiFi e-mail capture system for small businesses with app and newsletter content. Information Technology Michael Wicks (master of science in aerospace engineering, class of 2019) Student Startup
DeLive DeLive is an all encompassing solution for critical medical supply delivery. The firm’s solution integrates with 911 emergency management to send patients urgent medical devices, such as a defibrillator. The system receives requests, locates the nearest supply UAV, schedules a dispatch, plans appropriate flight routes, and safely deploys the required medical supplies to the site of the emergency. DeLive’s software and hardware were developed in-house by a passionate team that cares about leveraging technology for good. Healthcare Zachary Kousens (computer science, class of 2019) and Nathaniel Hanson (computer science, class of 2019) Student Startup
Diplo-Frame Graduation season is a sentimental time for familie that also brings expensess. Diplo Frame creates personalized diploma frames so people can cherish life’s greatest moments affordably. Each frame includes apersonalized message on the bac to perfectly capture the moment. Diplo Frame is a cost-effective option when purchasing a diploma frame. Consumer Products Susana Lira-Gonzalez (master of science in engineering, science and technology, class of 2019)  Student Startup
Directory Fox Directory Fox is a web-based directory paired with an easy sign-up, user information input, and photo upload process targeted to replace the traditional paper directories of churches, sports teams and office complexes. SAAS Michael Wicks (master of science in aerospace engineering, class of 2019) and Ashley Kreager Student Startup

ESTEEMED Consultants

ESTEEMED Consultants develops custom web sitse and web applications for ESTEEM student projects.

Service Provider Paul Shanahan (master of science in engineering, science and technology, class of 2019) Student Startup
Frost Control Systems Frost Control Systems manufactures and installs road weather systems to keep roads safe. Following the Flint Lead Drinking Water Crisis, road salting/deicing has faced major criticism due to the environmental impact and cost. Frost Control Systems installs equipment that allows cities to reduce usage safely in warmer areas of the city, increase/maintain usage in colder areas, and preemptively deal with weather hazards at high priority locations such as hospitals, schools, hills, and bridges. The company has contracts in three states and is expanding operations in 2019. Frost Control Systems participated in the 2019 McCloskey Competition and won a $25,000 cash award as the Startup South Bend-Elkhart/Elevate Ventures Grand Prize Winner. The company also received $10,000 in in-kind business services. The company also took third place at the 2019 Innovation Showcase sponsored by the Venture Club on Indiana. Information Technology Brad Tener (civil engineering, class of 2017) Alumni Startup

GENERIS is a personalized wellness platform powered by DNA. The company’s mission is to empower millions to improve their lives by understanding their DNA. Launching first as an iOS app, GENERIS offers personalized food, activity, and supplement plans to help users meet their goals.

Healthcare Lindsey Brassington (master of business administration, class of 2009) Alumni Startup
Honey’s Balm Specialty lip balm made with local honey to prevent allergies Consumer Products Graeme White (master of science in engineering, science and technology, class of 2019) and Brandon Cook (master of science in engineering, science and technology, class of 2019) Student Startup
Lake Lunkers Lake Lunkers ia an importer and distributor of custom manufactured fishing lures. Consumer Products Edward Moriarty Student Startup
Lena Works The Lena System is a remote monitoring, alerts, and HVAC control system for unoccupied buildings of all types. The company’s patented control system turns any thermostat into a smart thermostat in under 30 minutes, without WiFi, and is guaranteed to generate heat savings exceeding annual system costs. Large buildings have building automation sytems; Lena Works is “property tech for the rest of us.” Information Technology Bill O’Hayer (business, class of 1983), Scott Hengert and Michael Brotherton Alumni Startup
Lieuburger The first 100% plant-based fast food restaurant in the midwest that offers organic french fries, burgers, and ice cream at a convenient pace.  Food Audrey Shannon (graduate student, master of science in engineering, science and technology) Student Startup
Lumen Biologics Lumen Biologics has developed a food additive that inhibits expression of a gene (GKN1) that causes adipose tissue to grow. The additive enables pets (potentially people) to overeat without getting fat. Food Additive David Boone Community Startup
Otter Therapies Otter Therapies is a platform that allows streamlined communication between all stakeholders involved in a special needs child’s care, helping to ensure clinicians and parents are working toward the same goals.Otter Technologies participated in the 2019 McCloskey Competition and won a $20,000 cash award from Schurz Communications. Healthcare Colton Karch (master of science in engineering, science and technology, class of 2019) Student Startup
Peaces Peaces is a Los Angeles streetwear brand selling to promote peace and unity in the African American community of L.A. Apparel Malik Muhammad-Coney (science-business, class of 2019) Student Startup
PlayOn Playon is the platform for your active life. A tool to explore, find, and join local sports and athletic endeavors, Playon removes the biggest barrier between you and a more active lifestyle. By helping you to schedule, communicate, and share your more activity, Playon is the premier tool for managing your active lifestyle. — Build your player. Find your active. Sports Technology Sam Maule and Marc Oestreich Community Startup
Pocketnest Pocketnest seeks to make the burden of financial planning a little lighter by providing a comprehensive financial planning resource that has bank-level security without high premiums. The Pocketnest platform allows financial institutions like banks, credit unions and investment advisors a white-labled way to put a comprehensive financial planning tool in the hands of their nextgen, do-it-yourself customers in the institutions’ own brand.  FinTech Jessica Willis Community Startup
Rcade Rcade is a Social Media platform for gamers, designed by gamers. Users are able to upload, edit and share their favorite video game clips.  Entertainment Austin Paxson (senior, business) Student Startup
SalvePeds SalvePeds is developing a topical drug treatment for diabetic foot ulcers. Biotechnology/Pharmaceuticals/Diagnostics Mayland Chang (Research Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry)
Shahriar Mobashery (Navari Family Professor in Life Sciences, Chemistry and Biochemistry) and
Trung Nguyen (Postdoctoral Fellow, Chemistry and Biochemistry)
Notre Dame Faculty/Staff
Sengo Sengo’s GameChanger™ product line offers eco-friendly solutions for the sporting and entertainment industry. The company’s first product, the GameChanger™ Tray, is an innovative combined food and drink carrier. The patent-pending tray is made from 100 percent sustainable plant fibers, compostable in 90 days, and is positioned ahead of the global market transition towards single-use green products. The tray is a triple win: it increases concession and ad revenue sales, reduces plastic disposal costs and environmental impact, and improves the fan experience. Consumer Products David Jaeckel Community Startup
Spark DJ Spark DJ is an experiential marketing tool that delivers subscribers and targeted ad impressions by letting the crowd vote on the music. Advertising James Jones Jr. (economics and mechanical engineering, class of 2013) and
John Boss
Alumni Startup
Spread the Swell Spread the Swell is a not-for-proft providing surf lessons to inner city, under privileged youth to detoxify and destress their lives by connecting with nature through the ocean. Service Provider Connor Dillon (business, class of 2019) Student Startup
Swefoil Swefoil makes hydrofoils accessible by creating and manufacturing products of its own design. The company’s mission is to support the growth of the wakeboarding, kitesurfing and windsurfing communities. Water Sports Niklas Wihlborg (master of science in engineering, science and technology, class of 2019) Student Startup
Tembo AI Tembo AI is using smart sensors and machine learning to model individual and crowd behavior to make public and other spaces safer, easier and quicker to secure. Through the Tembo platform, the company provides real-time motion analytics and threat-detection so that security personnel can monitor activity and receive the actionable intelligence they need.Tembo AI participated in the 2019 McCloskey Competition and received a $10,000 cash award for Best Minoirty Owned Venture and the $1,500 Palo Alto Software Award for Best Written Graduate Plan. Information Technology Anand Shaw (master of science in engineering, science and technology, class of 2019) Student Startup
Translating Data Translating Data uses big data and reporting methods to create and provide business intelligence tools for payers (typically insurance companies, federal, and state governments), health systems, and community-based organizations. This is possible by consolidating, cleaning, and analyzing information from multiple internal and external data sources. The company’s goal is to allow payers, health systems, and community-based organizations to better manage existing funding and pursue new opportunities for growth by leveraging the data they are collecting now and in the future. Information Technology Jason Beutler (master of business administration, class of 2009) and Paul Watkins Alumni Startup
Tresor Bleu Trésor Bleu is an online retailer of vintage and now a designer of reproduction devotional medals from France. Médailles Pèlerinage, or medals of pilgrimage, come from decades-ago pilgrimages to the most sacred spots in France: Lourdes, Sacré-Cœur, Notre Dame and more. These designs, along with the lost art of vitreous enamel, are brought back to life and available on E-commerce Catherine Bennett (master of business administration, class of 1993) Alumni Startup’s software as a service (SaaS) collaboration platform enables claims adjusters and contractors to share data and reduce redundant work. Information Technology Eddie Scheff Community Startup
UnPlug Unplug is an “intelligent plug” that uses proprietary algorithms to identify electrical devices around the home and schedule around the user’s usage habits to reduce phantom energy consumption. The plugs electrically disconnects the devices during inactive hours, cutting this waste off at the source. Consumer Durables Jacob Sheehan (graduate student, business administration and business analytics) Student Startup

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