The Sláinte! Innovation Community Launches with a Symposium in November for the Health of the Wine, Beer and Spirits Industry

Author: Mary Scott

Sla Inte

The wine, beer and spirits industry’s symposium and Sláinte! innovation community will offer knowledge in areas which run from legal to branding, all while offering a place for ideas to flourish.

The University of Notre Dame has long had connections to the wine, beer and spirits industry and, therefore, it was a natural fit for Sláinte! to be born, both as the November 15th to November 17th symposium at the University of Notre Dame but also as a powerful innovation community.

What is an innovation community? Simply stated, it’s a platform to bring thought leaders together for open innovation. Professionals from all career stages and stakeholder levels will share knowledge, build meaningful connections and work together to move their industry forward through having rich discussions to shape and inform decision-making.

The Sláinte! Symposium? It will cover myriad focused topics, including overall trends in the industry, investing in vineyards, branding, celebrity investments and sports partnership. Imagine sitting in the boardroom with a CEO, CLO, CFO and COO on each topic, getting a chance to understand it from many important angles. In addition, legal perspectives will be shared to aid maneuvering the regulatory landscape.

Slated speakers for the Sláinte Symposium sessions include more than 40 industry leaders and vintners such as Eric Jensen, Luke and Lindsay Warford, John Micek, David Duncan and Paul Hobbs. There will also be successful brands represented, including Gallo, Heineken and Diageo.

The opportunity has been spearheaded by the Notre Dame Futures Group at the IDEA Center and the Notre Dame Law School which offers CLE credits. The Notre Dame Futures Group's mission is to cultivate cultures of innovation. Part of their approach involves developing and supporting innovation communities, where professionals forge strategic partnerships and contribute to shaping an industry's ethical and sustainable future.

A Partnering Industry

Why have we picked this time to launch an innovation community involved in the wine, beer and spirits industry? “Opportunities and challenges are a given in any industry, and our upcoming symposium aims to tackle both. Our sessions are designed to offer actionable insights that can make an immediate impact on your business. They will also help you better understand the current landscape, from shifting consumer preferences to complex regulations and global market dynamics,” says Mary Scott, Director of Innovation Education & Corporate Engagement at the University of Notre Dame IDEA Center.

“This event is more than just a one-time gathering; it's the beginning of a sustained 'network of trust' within the industry. By discussing the most pressing challenges we face, we aim to shape the industry's future. In a field that's highly regulated, the collective expertise of executives and professionals can drive innovative solutions and promote sustainable growth. As we address today's challenges, the collaborative nature of this event lays the groundwork for future innovation and growth, amplifying the impact we can make together.”

From industry executives to regulators, from global leaders to local vintners, all in the industry aren’t just welcomed but encouraged to join the Sláinte! community. It is with both a macro and micro eye that the industry will move forward to serve all.

“We have the opportunity and reputation to convene and facilitate the conversations the industry needs,” Scott says. “And by bringing together faculty with practitioners, we're able to create a platform to help collaborations happen organically and provide engaging events that inspire new and novel insights.”

Sláinte!, of course, means health. Here’s to yours and here’s to the industry’s. We look forward to seeing you at the Sláinte! Symposium this November and as an important contributor and beneficiary of our innovation community.

This is only the beginning.