Race to Revenue '19: Meet the Racer | Phoebe Tzannes of PWR

Author: Phoebe Tzannes

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Coming into the MBA program at Notre Dame, I was considering the possibility of starting my own company rather than going a more traditional MBA job route. As I explored my options and brainstormed ideas I had for a startup, I also was going through recruitment for brand management and consultant internships because I felt like I was supposed to. After receiving offers, I realized it wasn’t the right direction for me, but the decision to turn them down was tough. Race to Revenue took a difficult choice that inherently has risks - deciding to forgo a typical MBA internship in the pursuit of starting your own company - and made it almost a no brainer. Through the stipend and support of the weekly meetings and mentorship, PWR went from an idea to a plan I intend on following, both in the coming year and post graduation. I know that this would most likely not have been possible without the existence of the program.

The most valuable part of the summer for me was having access to the guidance from both the Idea Center and other mentors from the Notre Dame network. Any time I felt like I wasn’t sure what direction to take next or the right questions to be asking myself I had a group of people who were there to offer their educated opinions and help me take the next necessary step. Their support and insight was part of the reason why I was able to accomplish as much as I did, taking a problem I thought existed, validating it, and moving on to a solution that can be commercialized. 

The continued education and access to resources was also a huge help. From connections to the lawyers to exposure to accelerator concepts such as Y Combinator, Race to Revenue showed the many directions starting a company can take, allowing me to make the most educated decisions possible rather than choosing poorly out of ignorance. 

There is still a lot of work to be done on PWR. I know that there is a need for strength training for young female athletes, and that people are looking for a solution that makes sense for them. I feel supported by the network I built this summer and mentors that care about this succeeding as well. Now, it is up to me to execute on the plan and grow this business to where I believe it can thrive.