Race to Revenue '20: Meet the Racer | Eddie Moriarty '22 of Miracle Essential Oils

Author: Emily Tyson

Eddie Moriarty Miracle Essential Oils

Describe your company: “Miracle Essential Oils is a direct to consumer beauty company that specializes in essential oils.” 

Why did you apply to Race to Revenue, and what are you hoping to get out of the experience?We are hoping to optimize the digital advertising process and grow different sales channels (specifically wholesale).”

How have you been helped so far in your venture, and what sort of mentoring are you looking for in the future? We just did a design sprint with Michael Wicks (of the IDEA Center) and it helped a lot. In less than a week we were able to create an entirely new revenue stream with the help of industry professionals.” 

What do you want to learn more about, relating to business development in general or your own company/venture specifically? “A lot of my entrepreneurial focus has been on creating products.  I would love to learn more about what it takes to create a company/brand.”

Fun fact: “I joined Miracle Essential Oils after receiving a random email and meeting with people I’d never heard of! While it may sound cliché, listen to others and take that leap outside your comfort zone, you never know where it will lead you.”

Favorite place to get tacos: “My family is Colombian, so it's a sin to get one anywhere besides at Abuela’s house!”