Race to Revenue '20: Meet the Racer | Brian Scanlon '21 of Smart Shipping

Author: Emily Tyson

Brian Scanlon Smart Shipping

Describe your company: “Smart Shipping containers will revolutionize the marine cargo insurance industry by providing near real-time actuarial data through connected IoT devices.”

Why did you apply to Race to Revenue, and what are you hoping to get out of the experience? “I was encouraged by John Henry (director of student startups for the IDEA Center) to meet with Dan Peate, a Notre Dame alum, in order to discuss the possibility of working together this summer.”

How have you been helped so far in your venture, and what sort of mentoring are you looking for in the future? “Both John Henry and Dan Peate have been extremely helpful. Both have a wealth of knowledge in the world of startups and it is a blessing to be able to form a relationship with them.”

What do you want to learn more about, relating to business development in general or your own company/venture specifically? “I am looking forward to working with good people and learning as much as I can from them during this experience.”

Fun fact: “Only 14 states allow unpermitted lemonade stands.”

Favorite place to get tacos: “El Antojo in Lakewood, WA”