Race to Revenue '20: Meet the Coach | Patrick Baglien, Chief Operating Officer, Frost Control Systems

Author: Emily Tyson

Race to Revenue | Meet the Coach: Patrick Baglien

Where did you grow up and where do you live now?
All over! Washington state, Michigan, Chicago-area and now I live in South Bend, IN

What industries or business space are you most interested in?
"Internet of Things (IoT) is capturing the majority of my attention these days. It's estimated 20+ billion IoT devices will be connected by 2025. Frost Control Systems is squarely in the middle of this movement. We're building and delivering a suite of IoT sensors that City Operators leverage to create safer roadways for their citizens.

What specific knowledge and practical experience do you bring to your R2R coaching?
"The majority of my career has been serving Commercial, Industrial and Government clients in a variety of Business Development, Sales and Executive functions. However, I'm working hard to be agile to help my Racer in whatever functional area he needs support. Having said that, my passion is working directly with clients, so I'm doing whatever I can to help bring the voice-of-the-customer into the conversation with this young entrepreneur. There is no better way to inform your business strategy and than by listening to customers."

What have you learned from the Racer(s) you are coaching?
"First, my Racer, Rian McDonnell, is an absolute joy to work with. He approaches his ventures with a deep sense of humility and eagerness to learn. For example, I put Rian in touch with a relevant industry contact and he was able to draw out a few critical insights that are helping inform a new strategy for his drone business. Rian's preparation and empathetic approach served him well in this example. I knew he was a talented Engineer, what I've learned is that Rian is going to be an versatile business all-star."