Race to Revenue '20: Meet the Coach | Michael Wicks, Senior Software Engineer & Designer, IDEA Center

Author: Emily Tyson

Race to Revenue: Meet the Coaches | Michael Wicks

Where did you grow up and where do you live now?
"I grew up in Ohio and now live in South Bend."

What industries or business space are you most interested in?
"All industries, student startups in general. Markets where there isn't much competition already."

What specific knowledge and practical experience do you bring to your R2R coaching?
Software / Hardware Engineering, Commercialization expertise, SaaS / IoT startup experience.

Mid-way through Race to Revenue, what have you learned from the Racer(s) you are coaching? What has surprised you so far in your role as a coach?
"My Racers are rockstars already. I'm learning how to break down complex startup tactics and concepts in a digestible way. It's one thing to hear the answer; it's another thing to act on it. I'm very encouraged by my Racers' ability to hustle and get it done."

What is your favorite saying or words-to-live-by?
"Build. Measure. Learn."