Race to Revenue '20: Meet the Coach | Luis Bigott, Associate Consultant, Bain & Company

Author: Emily Tyson

Race to Revenue | Meet the Coach: Luis Bigott

Where did you grow up and where do you live now?
"I grew up in Caracas, Venezuela. I will be moving to Boston later this year."

What industries or business space are you most interested in?
Consulting, Non-profit, Retail, Private equity, and Consumer packaged goods.

What specific knowledge and practical experience do you bring to your R2R coaching?
"I interned at PwC and had tax and audit rotations. I majored in Finance and interned at JP Morgan and Baird in investment management and equity research respectively. I worked for 6 months at a Miami based startup that created a brand new social media app and helped grow users by 120% and raise $300K during my tenure there. I will be joining Bain & Company in October and have previous experiences through SIBC and case practice."

Mid-way through Race to Revenue, what have you learned from the Racer(s) you are coaching? What has surprised you so far in your role as a coach?
"The Racer I have been working with this summer is impressive! He was able to successfully switch companies a few days before the start of the program and had a smooth transition, building a really good and fast relationship with the owner." 

What is your favorite saying or words-to-live-by?
"I have learned that trying to change the whole world at first is a little too ambitious. Start by trying to change someone's world and work your way up. Start small, do lots of testing, and change accordingly. Test, adapt, test, adapt."