Race to Revenue '20: Meet the Coach | Forrest Riddle, Product Manager, Micro Focus

Author: Emily Tyson

Race to Revenue | Meet the Coach: Forrest Riddle

Where did you grow up and where do you live now?
"I grew up in Greenville, SC and currently reside in Austin, Texas."

What industries or business space are you most interested in?
eCommerce, Services, Software, Golf

What specific knowledge and practical experience do you bring to your R2R coaching?
"Having started and sold an eCommerce business a few years ago, my practical experience ranges from the tactical and strategic to the emotional. When things are going smoothly, I am adept at helping define productive next steps relating to validation, market research, and product development... and when things aren't going smoothly, my experience facing similar challenges can help us regain perspective and focus on the future rather than the past."

Mid-way through Race to Revenue, what have you learned from the Racer(s) you are coaching? What has surprised you so far in your role as a coach?
"So much! From domain expertise to product co-creation techniques, I've definitely learned more from the racers that I'm working with than they've learned from me. The biggest surprise has been how little hand-holding they need as they navigate the ill-defined path of entrepreneurship for the first time. I'm fortunate that the entrepreneurs I'm coaching are absolute hustlers, so I am usually in for a positive surprise each and every week."

What is your favorite saying or words-to-live-by?
"When a defining moment comes along, you define the moment or the moment defines you." Roy "Tin Cup" McAvoy