ND Founders Profile #6: A Leap of Faith Propelled Michael Wong to Consulting Success and a Higher Purpose

Author: Melanie Lux

Facebook Web Nd Founders Michael Wong Michael Wong (business, accountancy, class of 1996) founded DayBlink in 2013


Company Founded: DayBlink Consulting Year Graduated: 1996
Title: Founder and CEO Degree: B.B.A., Accountancy
Location: Washington D.C. (headquarters) Residence Hall: Morrissey Manor

Michael Wong is about to share a universal truth about startups. 

There is no right time to start a company.

He should know. Seven years ago, when he walked into his boss’ office to submit his resignation, he had no formal company in place, no clients and no “secret” handshakes ensuring his future success. What he did have were two-year-old twin daughters (Sorin and Melina), a newborn son (Lennon) and a wife who’d given him her complete support. 

He had something else in his favor: a degree from the University of Notre Dame, which he calls “transformative” and a powerful desire to launch his own business consulting firm that would not only solve challenges facing Fortune 500 companies, but would also apply the same strategic thinking to addressing societal issues. 

Wong, a 1996 graduate with an accountancy degree from the Mendoza College of Business, explains his motivation to take a leap of faith into the unknown that is entrepreneurship. “I had a great career with a top consulting firm and was enjoying the financial rewards. However, as a Catholic and Notre Dame grad, I know life’s not just about amassing wealth; we’re called to a higher purpose. We should optimally leverage our talents to help the society in which we live and operate in,” he says.

Wong founded DayBlink Consulting in 2013. “From a young age, I’ve always thought about starting my own businesses. I’ve dreamt up countless businesses, explored several entrepreneurial endeavors but only executed against a few. I fondly remember dreaming up the vision and naming the company with two former colleagues in my basement. We found a memorable name (DayBlink), which is based on a nautical term that refers to the point on a mast you climb to see over low-lying fog. It’s a metaphor for what we do for clients. From there, I created a business plan, business cards, established a web presence... but more importantly I networked. This is where being part of the Notre Dame family became instrumental; their alumni network is phenomenal. Within three months, I had my first client.”

Fast-forward seven intense, purposeful years. Wong now leads a team of 50 strategists, operators and technologists, who work at DayBlink’s offices in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and serves a growing portfolio of Fortune 500 clients. The firm’s expertise ranges from automation and cybersecurity to digital transformation to finance. There’s also a new ventures division that launches and operates early stage companies.  

Wong’s Notre Dame experience continues to guide his life. He credits the university with instilling in him a profound sense of purpose, ethics and commitment to his faith. He regularly hires Notre Dame graduates, saying, “We have shared values; they understand the importance of doing more with one’s time on earth.” 

In 2019, DayBlink donated over $100,000 as well as countless hours of consulting time to charitable causes. Wong promises this is just the beginning.

Balancing business and the greater good have earned DayBlink a wealth of professional accolades, including Inc.’s 5000 Fastest Growing Companies (2017-2020), Vault’s Top 50 Consulting Firms (2016-2020) and Entrepreneur’s Top Company Cultures (2017). Wong is justifiably proud.

To those thinking of following in his entrepreneurial footsteps, Wong has this advice: “If you have a good idea, do it now. If you believe in your vision and are willing do what it takes to make it work, it will work.”

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