2023 McCloskey New Venture: Judging and Mentoring

Author: The IDEA Center

We are excited to announce the beginning of the McCloskey New Venture Competition and we need your help. Are you willing to participate as a judge in Round 2 of the competition? Would you like to offer your expertise as a mentor?


Round 2 is an updated deck and video submission from Round 1. Judging will begin Monday, February 27th and be completed by Wednesday, March 15th. This round of judging will be done virtually and judges will self-select their area of expertise in the sign-up form we will do our best to assign plans within this expertise. 
At this time, please let us know if you would like to participate as a Round 2 judge, by filling out this form on our judging platform, Submittable. If you have any questions about the Submittable sign-up form, please let Mackenzie Young know at myoung26@nd.edu or by calling 574-631-1339 during working hours.

If you would like to be a mentor, please select that option on the Submittable form. You will then be sent another form to fill out outlining your expertise and how you would like to help, including your availability. Mentorship matches are made in December/January and we will email you to confirm your interest in supporting a startup team before making an introduction. If you're not interested, we will continue to search for a better match. Any questions about mentoring can be directed to Frani Chandler at fchandle@nd.edu

About McCloskey

McCloskey New Venture Competition is a competition for Notre Dame students, alumni and members of the South Bend-Elkhart community and serves as an opportunity to test the validity of ideas and innovations and allows them to develop skills directly transferable to the commercial market.