McCloskey New Venture Competition, Request for Mentors!

Author: Jesse Vogel

Request for Mentors!

We have arrived at a very exciting time in the McCloskey New Venture Competition. Round 2 teams have been identified and they are working hard to build robust teams and to complete the submission for the next step of the competition (a 10-page business plan). As a resource, teams are allowed to request a mentor for their venture and fill out an application of their current needs.

This is where YOU can be of tremendous help! With over 50 teams requesting mentors, we would love your assistance! To view the requests, please click here. It identifies the team, a summary of their venture and their request for a mentor. For your convenience, keywords in their mentor request are highlighted in green.

As a mentor, you are asked to act as a "coach" for the team as they prepare their 10-page business plan, and will review a final draft of the plan before it is submitted. Mentors and teams typically communicate via phone and/or e-mail. The total time commitment can range from a total of 2-3 hours (very typical) up to 10-15 hours,especially during the months of January and February as the deadline for Round 2 team submissions approaches (February 28, 2018). It is not our intent to make this a huge commitment; rather, a mentor is one additional resource to provide advice and feedback.

If you find a team that you would be willing to mentor, please email, and I will make the introduction to the team leader. We thank you in advance for all that you do to make the McCloskey New Venture Competition a success!