McCloskey 20th Anniversary: Tyler Hulett, 2010 winner for Eptics LLC, a biopharmaceutical company

Author: Emily Tyson

Tyler Hulett Tyler Hulett, a 2010 McCloskey winner

Tyler Hulett grew up in a small town, attended a Catholic high school, and always knew he wanted to go to the University of Notre Dame. He enrolled in 2006, studying Biochemistry and Anthropology.  

After a study abroad experience in Dublin, Hulett returned to Notre Dame excited about using science to advance drug development, particularly in order to help children. Working with a chemistry professor, they rounded up a team, and submitted an idea to the McCloskey Competition.

The process of submitting a complete business plan pushed Hulett and his fellow team members out of their comfort zone, forcing him as an undergraduate student to read and research in areas he wouldn’t have normally. Preparing for the finals required getting coaching in how to present and pitch their idea. “I still use this training to this day, “ says Hulett.

Hulett believes the experience he had in McCloskey contributed directly to the direction his career has taken. The team didn’t end up continuing with Eptics LLC, but Hulett says he was motivated after the experience in the Competition to go on to get a PhD.  “As I continued my studies, I kept looking for entrepreneurial minded folks.” 

Currently, Hulett is Director, Immuno-Oncology & Biomarker Development with CDI Labs. He is honored to stay involved with the McCloskey Competition by regularly offering his services as a Judge.

“The whole structure of McCloskey is what brings together the kind of people who can have a massive impact on your career, formation, and network, just like it did for me.”