Problems That Matter


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Have a problem that you want to solve?

How do you make sure you're addressing the right problem? Who needs it solved? Who else is tackling this problem?

Problems that Matter is a fast-paced, cross-functional, creative, human-centered event to deep dive into an issue you really care about solving. 

This 10-hour Sprint gives you time and guidance to create a thorough pitch deck.

If you don’t have an idea yet but want to be part of a dynamic group, come and join a team during the event! 

Teams ready to pitch ideas on Saturday afternoon will be competing for cash prizes!


What to expect at the Day-long Event  

  • Reviewing human-centered design principles 

  • Gaining empathy for potential users + discovering their unmet needs 

  • Gathering research and finding contradictions in the market

  • Defining problem statement 

  • Analyzing current solutions 

  • Determining economic value

  • Clarifying new value proposition 

  • Planning next steps 


Open to ND, St. Mary's Students, Local High School Students and Community Members in of St. Joseph, Elkhart and Marshall counties

Must RSVP here