Innovation Rally - Sept. 16, 2022


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The Innovation Rally features complementary lunch, innovative speakers, networking and an interactive showcase of emerging and cutting-edge Notre Dame startups and technologies.


Facebook Web Nd Founders Jasmine Shells


Jasmine Shells is a Notre Dame alumna and the CEO and co-founder of Five to Nine, a provider of event management software for the workplace that recently raised a $4.25 million round.

After Shells graduated from Notre Dame, she worked as an IT consultant at EY Chicago where she led a number of their employee initiatives. She was also the communications chair of EY Chicago's Black Professionals Network and helped lead other  volunteering programs as well. In these roles, Shells realized that the employee event process was extremely manual and that inadequate tools such as email and spreadsheets were the primary methods for organizing and collecting data. She recognized how hard it was for a person to manage these programs without any advanced tools and how it was nearly impossible for the business to understand how these programs impacted employee retention and productivity without proper data. This is where the idea to build "Five to Nine" came from. 

Five to Nine is an event program management platform for the workplace. Five to Nine's software integrates into existing internal communication tools, which allows companies to capture previously lost program data in order to measure and improve employee engagement over time. Five to Nine's customers include companies such as Yahoo, Expedia, Webflow, and MasterClass, among others.