IDEAS that Matter Workshop and Pitch Competition


Ideas That Matter 09

Calling all Community Members, Notre Dame, Saint Mary's, and Holy Cross students! 

Are there problems you want to solve, but don't know how? 

Ecommerce, apps, tech and software, entertainment & community, health care, climate change, medicine... if you have an idea, this event is for you.


  • SEPTEMBER 17th (Part I) ZOOM 7:00-9:00PM In this two-part event, we'll coach you on how to break down the problem you've identified into its core parts. After that, we'll help you set forth a solution that addresses real needs. 
  • SEPTEMBER 24th (Part II) ZOOM 7:00-9:00PM Teams ready to pitch ideas will be competing for cash prizes, get feedback from judges, refine their pitch decks, and present.
Specific Skills Covered:
  • Ability to gather information through research and conversations for a problem area of interest
  • Ability to synthesize the gathered information into a few areas that present opportunities for innovation
  • Understanding of how to define a user segment and an unmet need
  • Ability to identify current solutions, their shortcomings, and the barriers to addressing those shortcomings
  • Ability to define economic value of meeting the need
  • Ability to generate multiple solution ideas to address the unmet need, gather feedback, and iterate

Day 1
  • Human-centered design principles
  • Gathering research and finding contradictions in the market
  • User segments and unmet needs
  • Current solutions analysis
  • Defining economic value
  • Brainstorming solutions and business models
  • Taking next steps
  • Questions + Work Time

Don't have an idea, but want to be part of a team? Now's the time. Come for both parts to be part of this hands-on experience. 


Cosponosored by the IDEA Center and Elevate Ventures/Start-up South Bend/Elkhart