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(Team 1) ATLAS ENERGY SYSTEMS Watch Video and Q&A HERE!

Industry: Clean Energy, Electricity

Atlas Energy Systems is commercializing the science of Thermionics for direct heat-to-electricity generation.   Thermionic energy converters contribute to more sustainable energy consumption by dramatically increasing system efficiencies and providing remote, off-grid power.  Our R&D breakthroughs allow multiple industries, with a wide array of applications, to benefit from the conversion of heat to usable electricity.


(Team 2) QMULUS Watch Video and Q&A HERE!

Industry: Cloud platforms, Electric Vehicle Tech

Qmulus is an Electric Vehicle Service Provider developing smart technologies to support the electric vehicle community. The Smart Charge Adapter is Qmulus’ lead product. The SCA increases the functionality of an EVSE by adding communications, metering, monitoring, control and user billing capabilities. The SCA is placed in-line between the EV and the charge station (EVSE). It can be used on any Level 1 (120V) or Level 2 (208/240V) EVSE, including networked or non-networked stations. The SCA will be combined with the Qmulus Cloud Platform enabling EVSE management on any computing device.


(Team 3) NEARWAVE Watch Video and Q&A HERE!

Industry: Handhelds, Cancer Imaging

NearWave is developing a new handheld medical imaging device for deep tissue imaging.  Our current focus is using the device for breast cancer therapy monitoring, and in the long-term, a potential technology for early breast cancer screening.  NearWave utilizes near infrared laser light to measure blood, lipid, and water (0 - 4cm. depth) in a non-invasive, safe, and easy to use handheld device that transmits the image wirelessly to a mobile device or laptop. It was started by two graduate students and a professor in the engineering department at Notre Dame.


(Team 4) VIEWTIQUE (Video removed by request of Viewtique)

Industry: UX/UI, Sales Platforms, Local Business

Viewtique is one website to shop your local fashion boutiques. We make it drastically easier for buyers to buy and sellers to sell by giving boutique owners digital user experiences to meet their shoppers' online demands. Online traffic increases store foot traffic and vice versa, but individual boutiques don't have access to best-in-class online UX to offer shoppers and so miss out on this. Viewtique solves this by creating local online fashion districts equipped with bespoke UX for designed for local boutique shopping. Viewtique is generating revenue and has organic customer referral sales.

(Team 5) THE UGLY COMPANY Watch Video and Q&A HERE!

Industry: Food Waste Prevention

The Ugly Company exists to prevent food waste and add value back to family farms.  Between 2-4 million pounds of produce is wasted EVERYDAY at farms within a 15-mile radius of Kingsburg, CA.  This fruit is perfectly safe to eat, it is simply cosmetically challenged.  We upcycle ugly fruit, that currently has no market, and convert it into healthy snack products.  Our Hello! I'm Ugly branded fruit snacks do not contain preservatives, added sugar, or GMOs.  Each package sold prevents over 1 pound of ugly fresh fruit from becoming waste.


(Team 6) CISION VISION Watch VIdeo and Q&A HERE!

Industry: Cancer Detection

More than 9 million people die from Cancer in the U.S. every year, and 90% of cancer deaths are from cancer spreading. Identifying the extent of cancer spread, i.e. cancer staging, is of critical importance, because it is what the treatment plans are based on. However, current cancer staging practice still relies heavily on manual palpation, an extremely crude and inconsistent process that kills thousands of people every year. Cision Vision provides patent-pending paradigm-shifting solution that will completely eliminate this inconsistency and save thousands of lives every year.