Innovation Rally Event


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September 8th's Innovation Rally Tailgate speaker is Dan Peate.

Dan is the Founder and General Partner of Peate ventures. He is also the Founder of DRIAV and was Founder and CEO of Hixme. Dan has previously held senior executive roles at Arthur J. Gallagher and Aon. He sits on the boards of DRIAV, CardiacDirect and Boom Studios. Dan and his wife Coco sit on several nonprofit and charitable boards. He and his wife currently reside in Thousand Oaks with their 6 children. Dan is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and was a Reagan intern.

Date: Friday, September 8th, 2017

Time: 12:30 - 2:30 p.m.

Location: The IDEA Center (Innovation Park), 1400 E Angela Blvd, South Bend, IN 46617

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